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jazz Jul 30, 2002 10:45 PM

AC Adapter
I have a question for all the experts out there. I called minolta today to get a power rating on the external power supply they said. 6.0V @ 2A...Now I have a power supply that will give me 6.5V @ 2.5A ....I have tried it on the camera and it works very well. The camera did not get any hotter then it would if I was shooting regular ( i shot about 100 pics of my monitor in a row). The question I have is, will it do damage to my camera if I use it @6.5V (+/- .1V) and use 2.5A. From what I understand (and my circuit knowledge is primitive) the camera will only draw the current it needs, no more. Its the voltage I have to worry about..right?

Any suggestions?
Should I go out and get a real 6V adapter or will this one work?

Thanks guys.

NHL Jul 30, 2002 10:47 PM

It'll be fine, don't buy anything extra. Your power supply is plenty, and you are right the camera only draws what it needs...

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jazz Jul 30, 2002 10:48 PM

Thanks for the quick reply, just worried about the long term effects.

Thanks..I welcome more replies
more replies = more peace of mind

NHL Jul 30, 2002 11:08 PM

If you think about it, the camera normally runs out of 4 NiMh AAs which is 4 x 1.2V = 4.8 @ @ around 1.6A and last several hours... so you actually have plenty of power to spare !!!

The only way you can harm the camera is if the input voltage goes higher than 6V, but then I've seen external battery pack sold for the D7 rated @ 7.2V... Normally the camera internal switching regulator brings the external voltage down to what it needs!

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KCan Jul 31, 2002 12:27 AM

6.5 volts
To continue my story on this thread and for the benefit of all :

My AC adapter ( Optex, rated 2.1 A) worked fine before with my D7 , at the 6 volts setting
( no load voltage : 6.05 volts)

Curiously , with the D7i , at that setting , the camera doesn't boot , and the battery icon keep flashing (like when the AA battery are dead) and there is NO inrush current , no ripple ( I checked with an oscillo)

I have to set the same adapter to the 6.5 volts setting ( no load voltage : 6.58 volts ) and the D7i boot and work just fine. The inrush current produce a quasi imperceptible ripple , and the voltage drop is 0.02 volts ( which is normal, due mostly by the cord ; I was measuring at the end of the cord , at the camera input jack)

I conclude that the power managing is a lil bit different on the the D7i, requiring more than around 6.10 volts to allow booting up ; that's probably why the The Minolta AC-1L , rated 6V-2A, and NHL measured 6.16V .

So far , there is no problem for me.

( I think that it's also possible that Minolta include a diode ( rectifier ) in the DC input to prevent reverse polarity , which cause a .3 ~ .6 volt supplemental voltage drop, power lost is not a problem since it's for AC adapter mainly )

NHL Jul 31, 2002 6:59 AM

I think you're probably right as any smart designer would have done to prevent some 'dummy' from inserting a wrong polarity jack into the 6V input knowing how well the rest of the camera was designed. They probably have improved it in the D7i probably from experiences with field returns...

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Bear in mind that Minolta's own EBP-100 for the D7(i) is rated at 7.4V...

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