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Jim White Nov 17, 2002 11:23 PM

Add-on Telephoto lens for 7Hi
I'm ready to jump into digital and think I need a 7Hi but am bothered by the 200mm limitation. I do some sports photography and frequently use 300 - 400mm. I like the Minolta's low shutter lag, fast write times, burst capability, and focus/zoom rings, all of which make it a better prospect for action photography than the Nikon 5700; But 200mm vs. 280mm plus the nikon convertors has me bothered. None of the aftermarket teleconvertors seem to work well. Any ideas?

charlibob Nov 18, 2002 2:15 AM

Have you checked out this site?

You can crop a 200mm 7hi shot to 400mm coverage and still end up with more resolution than a 2 Megapixel camera.

Otherwise, maybe you need to consider spending the big bucks for a pro digiital camera body that takes interchangeable lens.

KCan Nov 19, 2002 1:21 AM

Take a look x 1.8 :

Seems impressive from the picture :)

NHL Nov 19, 2002 6:01 AM

That Raynox x1.8 looks pretty useful, not so much for the magnification that I don't need, but for the decrease in DOF in the image... The fisheye looks like a useful gadget as well!

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