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jock May 20, 2004 4:04 AM

I was wondering if anyone has used the new anti shake features in the new Minolta-Konica Dimage SLR or digicam? Sounds like a great feature to be able to use any lens (on the slr version) and have auto image stabilazation. I hope the feature will mature and more mfgs will incorporate it in new models, or is it a propriatory patented technology?. Any comments???? thanks, Jock

Technophile May 20, 2004 4:42 AM

It works really well. It's particularly useful on longer focal lengths and they claim it gives youeffectively an extra 3 stops. I've taken shots with 200mm at 1/30 sec and there has been no shake. You'd need about /200 sec on a camera without this feature. Obviously it can't do anything about subject movement. I read in DCS that other manufacturers are studying it very carefully, so I guess it's not patented and I suspect that other manufacturers are going to be introducing it in the near future. Once you've used it you don't want to be without it.

jawz May 20, 2004 10:04 PM

I can definitely back up Technophile's experience. I have taken some 1/4 second hand held (28mm) shots--and I'm not the steadiest shooter by any means.:grin:

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