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cald Jul 7, 2002 9:23 PM

Atech Pro II Media Reader
1.Anyone used the Atech Pro II Media Reader ?
2. I welcome your advice on a multi-type/USB port card reader.

sjms Jul 8, 2002 12:02 AM

Delkin 6 in 1 reader/writer DDREADER-18. approx $35 works good, last long time

NHL Jul 8, 2002 6:11 AM

I recommend this reader originally in Steve old board. The Atec Pro II is very convenient since it can fit in a 3.5" drive an can be left permanently attached to the computer. Don't worry about Steve's comment on Secure Digital and MMC cards. They will be slow on any reader since an extra step of serialized copy protection is required for both these types on any reader!

You can also upgrade it to Firewire @ a later date for faster transfer if you plan on using the microdrive:

PS. it's only drawback is no MemoryStick support, which I think is minor since the MS format is a drawback in itself...

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sjms Jul 8, 2002 9:17 AM

the reason why i suggest the Delkin unit is
1- its reasonable priced
2- its mobile-swap to/from any computer w/USB
3- if you need to support all formats its all currently there. when you just have to play in a new format just unplug it from the hub and plug in the new one.
4- firewire is a nonissue now w/USB 2. it seems that when the 2 camps (apple- the originator of 1394 (firewire) and the PC group (USB 1, 1.1, 2.0) play in the same sandbox (anything to do with computers) the i can do better game starts. USB 2 is backwards compatible to USB 1.1. which means you can plug 1.1 devices inti a 2.0 card/hub and it will work. it works only at 1.1 speeds though. so i have a pci firewire/usb2 card (2fw ports 3 usb2 ports) and hub it out from there. so far the only firewire item i have is my coolscan 4000 ed. the epson 2200 printer is going to support firewire usb(2?) and parallel lots of options in th i/o department.
this is my opinion of firewire- its great. great thruput. the not so good developed by apple (don't get me started). mediocre market penetration. cost .

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NHL Jul 9, 2002 7:34 AM


Check the USB 2.0 spec. The full speed is only realizable between PC and hubs... Have you check digital camcorder or DV editor lately (or digital VCRs)?

Also the Atec Protec II doesn't need to be mounted in the 3.5 slot and it also extends the limited USB port on the PC to other peripherals...

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sjms Jul 9, 2002 8:01 AM

what do you think happens when you hub out on firewire. when you add more components to any one hub the rest will slow down if they,re all working at once. its a bandwidth thing. all of them work on the concept of multiplexing and at the end there is still 1 wire all our junk has to be piped thru to the computer . if you want consistant thruput scsi is still the king. by minimizing the use of the cpu clock by using its own processor vs firewire/usb. firewire and usb both are cpu intensive.
the original question was what is a good media reader if the alltech was the king. i gave my opinion based on quality, price, mobility, and ease of install and use for average use. you want to transfer your data from point a to point b. yes with your firewire reader you can drain your 1gb micro drive in lets say 8-8.5 minutes and with usb 1.1 15 minutes and with usb 2.0 8-8.5 minutes. the cost of firewire vs usb 2.0 is still 20-30% higher. is it really going to impact your photographic experience.
bottom line is the atech media pro good-yes. they're all good functioning media transfer devices when they work and pretty much all do. after that it's how you like it packaged- internal/external
as to dv equipment using firewire only. yes-a few years ago it was the only game in town with high transfer rates. no competitor then. in the end it's all marketing for our tech dollars. gee, maybe next year it will be 1000Mbts/sec. and we'll all run out after that credit cards in hand.

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sjms Jul 9, 2002 9:38 AM

newer pc motherboards today come with usb 2.0 onboard. i have seen one or two with firewire. you will see both supported on probably the next gen of mobo. so many standards so little time

NHL Jul 11, 2002 8:33 AM

Most people fail to realize that USB is PC centric (it's also introduced first by Apple), hence the only master on this bus IS the computer. Whereas 'Firewire' (this name is now also adopted by the 1394 Trade Association) is multi-master: connection betwenn PC, video editor/workstation, or a camera controlling another camera/VCR are all possible (ie rewind/fastFW/play/record).

Of course 'USB on the go' promess all this feature as well for the future, but this standard still need to be ratified... but then Firewire is not standing still either!

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... To be continued !

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sjms Jul 11, 2002 9:56 AM

i thought we we talking about the simple transfer of data from one type of portable media to the pc. yes firewire has its advantage in the video world now and probable will as it is the defacto standard in that portion of the market. usb is designed to replace serial and parallel ports. a card reader is a simple serial type inexpensive fairly low bandwidth device.

now i have started a new catagory where we can discuss all these technologies and not pollute thse other forums from their original purpose. i invite you to go to misc forums and the new forum name is New technologies. there we can continue.

cald Jul 15, 2002 10:10 PM

Atech II Pro in Win 98 computer
Tried 'found new hardware thing but Win didn't seem to want the new Atech drivers either from included CD or off the web. Also attempted manual install but still Win98 seems to ignore the provided drivers.
(Looking for "inf" file which doesn't seem to appear in the Atech Cd etc.
Asus A7V133 board with USB, 1st set to auto detect and then 'enabled. Atech led blinks on & off during boot but then is steady on. Any hints folks? (I'd heard USB isn't always simple with Windows 98SE.

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