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andy Jun 10, 2002 9:20 AM

battery life
I am thinking of buying a 7i, but I read a lot about the battery life about 7. Anyone can give me some information ? Thanks

NHL Jun 10, 2002 11:12 AM


This battery 'Myth' issue has been beaten to death by all D7 users for quite sometime...

My experiences with the D7 has been slighly over 200+ pictures per day with the microdrive on 1 set of 1700mAh NiMh (with auto On/Off enable, no LCD), or 380+ straight non-stop studio shoot (almost filling the microdrive)

padeye Jun 10, 2002 12:25 PM

Say NHL, what brand cells are you using?

NHL Jun 10, 2002 1:12 PM


GP, Kodak, and lately the Rayovac form Walmart/Target, nothing out of the ordinary...

From Minolta own testing method:
Number of recorded images: approximately 200 frames
Based on Minolta's standard test method: NiMH batteries, EVF on,
external LCD monitor off, flash used with 50% of the frames, no
instant playback)

The key here is EVF on auto, no LCD, and no instant playback. Those instant 2s playbacks are nifty but sure use some horsepower. (I have done enough studio shoots as well as several island trips to verify thoses numbers are consistent). I'm very sure about this since I change the batteries each time I need to download to my MindStor! I did not use the built-in flash at all, but the HS5600 to trigger slaves and BTW the camera was on manual in the studio as well therefore explaining the higher frame counts since it did not have to compute the exposures ...

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Grendel Jun 11, 2002 8:20 PM

On the fourth cycle of the Sanyo batteries that came with the camera
and I got over 150 pictures before they died. I'm still learning the camera
and am fiddling with all the bells and whistles so the camera is on
quite a bit while I surf the menus, I expect to get at least 200 on a charge.
I really wouldn't head all these myths about this camera,
so far none of them have become apparent to me and I've never heard
of any actual Dimage 7/7i owner having these problems. I have no idea why
so many people seem to want to hate this camera.

NHL Jun 11, 2002 10:07 PM

I'm sure if the D7(i) is adorned with a different 'N' or 'C' brand, it'll be a lot different but as a Minolta, it has a 'no respect' syndrome and buyers especially newbies are prejudice against it since they are even more unfamiliar, afraid (or just plain ignorant) of the D7(i) innovative features.

Also if one goes to a local store to get any advice, the sale person rather push the brand where they can make the most money on like the competing brands since right of the start they can make more sale on the hollow barrel for the filters (even protective UV), then the proprietary batteries which everyone need (another reason to downplay the cheaper & more popular D7's AA size batteries) and then the batteries grip for anyone contemplating the use of a microdrive.

Has any one ever wonder why the 5700 doesn't come with a 28mm (a must have) while it boasted an 8x zoom? That's another sure sale then no wonder there's so many rumors on the D7(i) which BTW is only mentioned once in the initial DPreview which has since been discredited by every D7 owner !!! It's a joke but people are actually paying more for less for a false sense of quality perception... may be the black color has something to do with it (the 'me too' professional look may be ???)

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lithivm Jul 9, 2002 3:12 PM

Batterie Myth? hmm
I had to sell my D7 because of it's batterie life. It really sucked about 20-30 pictures per charge with included batteries and the same for a lithium external pack...thats no myth I'va own 20 DIGITAL cams in my time and that was the worst batterie frienly cam ever!!! maybe not all of the D7 had this problem that's the only thing I can think of. I have a 7i now it seems better.

sjms Jul 9, 2002 6:48 PM

gee !what batteries were you using? i at least got 80+ with the lcd off. when you leave the lcd on for 1- 5 minute intervals yeh its a battery muncher. but 20 shots i don't know. what was the brand and mh rating. the 7i is much better with batteries. minimum 150 shots on 1800 mh fresh batteries. remember nimh batteries loose 20% of there charge sitting around off the charger in the first 24 hrs. after that the loss is a lot lower over time. leave them in a camera and after about a week and half you'll get some really poor performance fom them.

Ken E Jul 9, 2002 8:42 PM

Just got mine and shot 200 shots on two sets of batteries. Granted I was new and used the preview some with the EVF and a few with the lcd (oudside so it wasn't many). We will see how the batteries condition and if I can get that up some. Thats 200 shots in a 6-7 hour use period.

only time will tell

NHL Jul 10, 2002 6:22 AM

lithivm/Ken E

From Minolta own testing method (both D7 and D7i):
Number of recorded images: approximately 200 frames
Based on Minolta's standard test method: NiMH batteries, EVF on,
external LCD monitor off, flash used with 50% of the frames, no
instant playback)

I.E. Minolta has kept the same battery rating on the D7i than the D7. They just provides a more powerful NiMh as standard (1850mAh vs 1600 mAh). Read the specs on both cameras! So if you are getting better battery performance on the D7i you're living a myth (or believe on one!). Do a current measurement people... it's no worse than my Nikon CP990!!!

The fact of the matter is if you guys use the camera with all the fancy default features turn-on then it will use the battery!!! (that probably doesn't have an equivalent on other camera).

Turn the following features off (just like what Minolta says):
- No instant playback (use the QuickView when necessary)
- Turn the LCD off (do not leave it on auto-ON)
- Use the auto EVF (it should only come on @ eye level)
- Try to turn the sound off (it actually speed up the camera as well)

I can regularly get close to filling up the microdrive (almost 400 shots) by shooting consecutively without the camera ever going auto-off in a 1-2 hour period! (beside the beeping sounds detract the models... and it's disturbing @ weddings)

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