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Default Beginner having a few D7i focus/flash problems

Just picked up my Dimage 7i last weekend and am now facing a bit of a dilemma.

This is the fist prosumer camera I have owned, and my first real foray into any kind of non-automatic photography. Previously I was using an HP Photosmart 315.

My problem concerns taking portrait/candid shots (or for that matter, high speed shots) with the D7i. As far as I can tell, the photographer must have the subjects stay absolutely still to use the camera in average lighting while taking photos without the use of the flash. Inside a normal sized and well lit room, my D7i automatically set itself (in both Program and Portrait modes) to a 1/3 second exposure at the largest aperature (2. 8 ).

The solution to this seems to be to use the flash, which reduces exposre times to about 1/60 th of a second, which should be fine for taking candid shots (although I would like for some very high-speed 1/500th of a second shooting), but I find that when set on flash-fill my subjects turn out far too bright and the backgrounds are abnormally dark.

Are there some kind of manual settings that would allow me to quickly and discreetly capture sharp photos? I would rather not use the pop-up flash or any flash at all, as many people find it intrusive. Any help would be appreciated.
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It looks like you've just hit the limit of the lighting available, and this applies to all cameras and not just the D7i.

Try to increase the ISO, (ie film speed) or sensitivity of the camera but then you're going to run into noise problem. The normal thing to do is to increase lighting which is what the flash does. :?
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Also what metering are you using? Plain and simple if your set to spot metering and you have a light colored object your shooting against a dark background, more times than not you will underexpose the background.

Try center weighted or multi-segment and use program, you may get better results. Also see what your fill-flash is set to , make sure its either ADI or TTL and not manual full power.

Another thing you can try is to use flash compensation of -1. This will help with overexposure of the subject but will worsen underexposing the background.

Remember, the flash icon will turn blue if the picture u take exposed correctly.

To take indoor shots without the flash is a pain (like in a church, or something). You will probaly have to go to at least ISO 400 to get any good shots. That may get you a 1/45 sec shutter speed. In addition to this, try using UHS. This will increase the chance of you getting a shot that is not blurred from movement.

Another trick I heard about is to push the CCD. You do this by setting exposure comp neg by about 1 or 1.3. Although your shots will come out dark, your possible shutter speed will increase and you can try to get the proper exposure level by post-processing. If you do this I suggest increasing the color by +1 so they don't look washed out when you try to lighten up the shot on your computer.

To get action shots indoors - I don't know what to say!!! You either need a flash or ISO 800 and neatimage noise reduction software.

I know this is a lot of information, but this will give you a place to start . I had to practice like crazy and I still get crazy exposures from time to time.

Happy shooting!!
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