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Default Binji7's wireless remote

Hello, Has anyone out there been brave enough to try and build Binji7's wireless remote?? I want to dive in and build it in the worst way, but am afraid to try it without at least talking to someone who has done it. I just don't know if my old, oxygen - lacking brain is capable of it. Like, if I get all of the parts, will I be able to identify them and get them all soldered in the right places? Any help out there???
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Just finished building one. Had to convert to DIPs with 100-mil pin spacing because we couldn't find any readily-available prototype boards with 50-mil spacing to accommodate the SOIC parts specified in the write-up. Also, the write-up seems to refer to a different flip-flop than the one specified. We used a 74AC112 flip-flop, but had to re-do the pin assignments to achieve the intended functionality. When that was done, all was well.

Made the connector that mates with the camera out of a 4-pin connector scrounged from a universal CD-ROM cable. Cut off one pin position with a hobby knife, filed the housing to fit in the camera hole, and then filed a notch to match the key in the camera. Time consuming, but then you wouldn't be doing this if you weren't prepared to invest some time.

Put the whole thing in a plastic case about 2.5x4.25x0.75 inch (inside dimensions). Looped a 9-inch antenna wire around the inside of the case. With this much-less-than-optimum antenna arrangement, the useful range is about 40 feet.

More testing remains to be done.
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I'm glad someone other than myself had the time to build one!!!! I have circuit boards made that will make construction A LOT EASIER!!! I just have had NO TIME to even build one with the circuit boards and take any pics of the unit.

I will be offering circuit boards for sale (and possibly pre-built kits) very soon. I know circuit board pricing will be $11.00 plus a few bucks shipping and handling. Have'nt really gone through the complete numbers for pre-built kits.

A pre-built kit has most of the components installed, but you still have to install 1 or 2 for the unit to be functional. This kinda allows me to get around having FCC testing and all. If you are interested please reply to my e-mail and I'll get one ready for u!!!

I figured u would get about that range with an internal 'loop antenna' so I kinda have provisions to use a retractable antenna to increase range. I also used a 74AC112 but in the original schematic I posted I screwed up the pin assignments (my fault , I'll fix soon). Good thing my circuit boards I made used the coreect pin out.............
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Default RF Remote Pics - D7-RF1

So sorry I don't have pics of assembled units because I been sick with the flu. I hope to have pics of assembled units end of next week and units for sale start of FEB.

Check out the link


Please let me know what u think.....
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