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Default Bracketing on the Dimage 7i

:?: Could someone please talk me through bracketing on the Dimage 7i, specifically the exposure bracket sequence, I don't think the manual is too clear, or maybe I'm too thick!
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Old Nov 25, 2002, 11:01 AM   #2
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I think I am cracking this bracketing concept... I went out in the cold and fog this morning and endeavoured to photograph the Life Guards with their white plumes in several different poses.

Here is one example, using a tripod but no flash, bracketing of 1.0eV on either side of 1/90 at f4 with 100 iso sensitivity. The brightness value was underexposed at 4.7 but how do you switch between that and exposure compensation? I used multi-segment metering, but still get the horses too dark, should I click down the contrast to -1?

The picture has been brightened up using Photoshop 7.

There are more examples on the website, the latest are in the current section, second page.

Here is the EXIF information from before the image was edited and reduced in Photoshop, if this helps:

File Name PICT0021.JPG
File Size 879 KB
Updated 25/11/02 10:20
File Type JPG File
Image Width 2560 Pixels
Image Height 1920 Pixels
Color Depth 8
Camera File Format DCF 1.0
Manufacturer Minolta Co., Ltd.
Model DiMAGE 7i
X Resolution 72
Y Resolution 72
ResolutionUnit inch
Software Ver.1.10e
Shutter Speed 1/90
Aperture F4.0
Exposure / Subject Program Program
Camera Sensitivity ISO 100
Exif Version Ver.0220
Date/Time 25/11/02 10:20
Brightness Value 4.7
Exposure Compensation 0
Max. Aperture of Lens F3.5
Metering mode Multi-segment
Light Source Auto/Custom
Flash No (Flash Cancel)
Lens Focal Length 18.7 mm
(35mm equivalent) 75 mm
Flash Pix Version Ver.0100
Custom Rendering Yes
Exposure Mode Auto Bracketing
White Balance Auto
Digital Zoom Magnification OFF
Digital Subject Program Normal
Contrast Normal
Saturation Normal
Sharpness Normal
Subject-distance Range Background
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Old Nov 26, 2002, 11:57 PM   #3
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I have a suggestion. You may not like it. First of all, try some shots in RAW mode. This lets you do a lot of the bracketing in the computer AFTER you take the shot. It also lets you experiment with the effects of different bracketing so you can know better how to set the camera up when shooting JPEGs. Also switch to manual exposure mode whether you take my suggestion to try RAW or not. Between the WYSIWYG electronic viewfinder and the real-time histogram, you can quickly dial in the perfect exposure and also bracket it manually for insurance.

There's a nice little tutorial on histograms here:

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Old Nov 27, 2002, 12:43 AM   #4
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Thanks for that suggestion Jim, shooting in RAW mode has been suggested and I have tried it, but to be able to practice backeting afterwards is definately news to me. So, I will try it and many thanks again for pointing me in the correct direction.

Regarding histograms, I have been trying to get my head asround the idea, and am determined to learn all I can at histograms, they just weren't around in the late sixties! So thanks for the url.
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I'll go with Jim suggestion on this. This 'What You See Is What You Get' in manual is a real powerful feature of the camera and should not be underestimated (I use it a lot for night shots without a meter).

With the benefit of the real-time histogram, and you have a live Photoshop session... In your case, I would lower the contrast, and dial in the color/saturation that should all be see-able in the manual WYSIWYG mode through the EVF.

Now if you've also set the camera for raw, you can bracket it again @ your PC just like Jim suggested! BTW your shots get better and better with each posting... 8)
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