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righty Feb 8, 2004 12:39 AM

Buy Z1 or Wait for Z2
Hey Everyone its my first post here

I'am interested in buying the minolta z1 but Ive read that the z2 might be comming out soon do u think i should wait for the z2 to come out. Also when will the z2 come out and will it be around the same price as the z1.

Also i would like to hear from some z1 owners and their experiances with this camera


Righty :D

CrazyMe Feb 8, 2004 3:32 AM

If you need more than 3.2 MP, wait for the Z2. It should be out before Spring. The Z1 should be reduced to between $200 and $250 US once the Z2 is out. The Z2 will start at about $399 MSRP, but the street price will probably shortly fall to what the Z1 is now...about $300.

Here are some images of it:

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