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I plan to take my A200 to the Amazon region of Brazil. I expect this to be hot and humid.

I welcome tips on how to ensure no damage to the camera and in particular how to keep it clean and dry during daily treks on landand water (in a canoe).

Is there such a thing as a waterproof bag and would I need some chrystals which absorb humidity?
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It will be impossible to protect the camera from the humidity, far too pervasive. What will be your biggest challenge will be protect it from getting cold in your air conditioned hotel room. A cold camera will allow the humidity to condense when you take the camera out into the humid air.

So here is what I do: in most hotels, the bathroom is not air conditioned. I close the bathroom door and keep it closed at all times. When I return to my room, I put the camera, in it's gadget bag, into the bathroom and keep it there. This way the cool air from the AC does not lower it's temperature, plus the humidity is higher in the bathroom, so when I take my camera as I leave, it is not cold and I rarely have condensation problems.

As for your canoe trip, that will require some additional protection. Look into the EWA Marine line of flexable plastic enclosures. These will provide more than adequate protection, but make it a tad cumbersome to use camera controls.

There are probably other EWA Marine type enclosures available and perhaps another poster can point you towards some of them. I have 2 EWA enclosures, so I know they will provide more than adequate protection against water.

By the way, the heat and humity by itself will not damage your camera. Forget about using anything like silica gel. The humidity would make them useless in short order anyway, unless you had a means to regenerate them. I live in Thailand (very hot AND very humid) and I have had no problems at all with any of my cameras or video gear.

Good luck and enjoy your trip.

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If you are hitting the the real rain forest/jungle the humidity and conditions there will be a real challenge, as it can causefungus for grow on the inner lens surfaces, and cause electrical componentsto corrode and fail. The fungus eats the lens coatings and etches the glass so it is really not a good thing. Plain sunlighthelps prevent/killthe fungus but there is not much sunlight to be found in the actual rain-forest.

The bags like EWA's might work here, whenused with lots of fresh dried silica salt bags in them. I don't know how you would keep them fresh/dry in that environment though.

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It gets about as humid as possible here in Florida in the summer. The only problem I have is that the lens completely fogs when I take the camera from air conditioning to outside. But it only fogs on the outside of the lens. Most air that has migrated into the camera is dry air from the air conditioner. The lens dries out fine on its own after a few minutes in the heat unless you want to take a picture right away. I have mildew problems with just about everything except my cameras. It is best just ignored IMO.

The canoe is a different problem. I'm taking a canoe trip next week and plan to just keep the camera in a waterproof bag except when using it. I made the trip last year without a spill and feel the liability of having the camera out of the bag when shooting is low enough that I can get by without anything exotic. Last year I took my small camera and it fit in a bag that came with my handheld VHF radio. This year I am taking my FZ10 and plan to stop by Marine Max or BoatUS and pick up a bag that will hold it.

The next step up from securing it in a waterproof bag when not in use is an underwater housing. Anything in between is going to inhibit your photography IMO.

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It gets humid in Florida? I thought it just filled up with Canadian Seniors. :blah:

In the Kayaks I keep the camera in a dry-bag when not in use. In the canoe, it goes in a pelican (case not bird)for storage, In all my years I've only flipped a canoe once, can't say the same for the kayak, they are fun to roll.

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