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Monza76 Aug 17, 2004 9:00 AM

I am very interested in the K/M Z10, it seems to offer most of the features I want in a low cost package that I can actually afford, however I have a few questions I may be able to get answers for here.

1 - Does the lens extend (I believe it does not but I would like to know for sure)

2 - Does the mount for the wide angle acessory lens have a standard thread which can take standard filters?

3 - Has there been much trouble with the switch finders in the earlier Z-series cameras?

4 - It is obviously an all plastic camera but does it have a "feel" of substance or is it flimsy?

My other choices up until now have been the Fuji S5000 and the Kodak DX6490, both have a bigger zoom range (and a bigger pricetag).


Monza76 Aug 17, 2004 8:32 PM

Sorry to bump this to the top but does anyone have a Z10 and can answer my question?


trueno92 Aug 17, 2004 8:56 PM

from my research in snagging a z1 (at a very awesome price), among the rest of the factors leading up to my purchase, i will let you know my very amature thoughts on the s5000 and dx6490


supposedly has a dust problem, dust getting into the camrea, the ccd, etc.

files are compressed EXTREMELY to the point of degrading the picture (look at the sky in some of the pics in steves reviews), vignetting

no manual white balance

ppl say it feels cheap, but prob feels the same as the z1/z2

slowest shutter speed is 2 seconds


great LCD on the back,

files are extremely compressed

colours are over-saturated

Details in photos can look muddy, overprocessed; photos tend to be soft, as well.

no manual whitebalance, or manual focus

from what it looks like above, it looks as if the lens will extend from the camera, but there doesn't seem to be anyspace around the circumference of the barrelto thread a tube adapter into it.

have u considered a z2? they should come down in price once the z3/z10 are released.

Monza76 Aug 17, 2004 9:38 PM

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Once I have gotten past the bizzarre(sic) styling of the Z1/Z2 I can see that it is probably the best of the lower end super zooms. The Z10 appeals to me because it is in my price range right now and has very fast startup times, I believe the lens is fixed and does not extend, which allows the fast startup (see picture below).

The Z2 certainly looks more serious with the adaptor and petal hood, if I did get a Z2 I would want the filter adaptor tube, as a protection for the lens. Where can I learn more about that filter tube/ hood combination? BTW would that hood interfere with the autofocus sensors mounted below the flash?


trueno92 Aug 18, 2004 1:03 AM

actually i took a closer look at the picture of the z10 that i posted and since its a tad overexposed, looking closer at the lip at the bottom of the lens, it does indeed look threaded.. so i see how a filter could be attached with some step up ring adaptor.

with regards to the AF sensor, u raise a very excellent point. but i have no idea how the af sensor works.... i was doing some testing and i put my finger right over the afsensor to block its line of sight with anything and i pointed my z1 at diffeent objects in various lighting conditions and it seemed to work as if it 1. wasn't obstruced, or 2. was just there for decoration. it would lock focus on everything normally.

maybe someone can help us out here?!

Monza76 Aug 18, 2004 6:35 AM

The Z1/Z2 has a dual system which uses this sensor as the first focus and then a TTL sensor for final focus. To be more precise the external sensor is similar to those found on many 35mm point and shoot cameras, fast but not necessarily as discriminating in focus, since this sensor gets you in the ballpark the internal through the lens system merely has to fine tune the focus. Covering the external sensor will probably slow down the focus speed slightly.


Monza76 Aug 18, 2004 4:29 PM

Steve answered my question, 43mm thread on the Z10 lens.


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