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Just got my Z3 (my 5th digital camera) with a SanDisk Ultra II 1GB SD card and a SanDisk 6-in-1 PC card adapter (PCMCIA) to go with it from B&H.

Have not yet tried to use the 16MB card that came with it.

Put the 1GB SD card in, didn't format it, took pictures/movies, looked at pictures/movies on the camera. Powered camera off and on, again viewed the pictures and movies on the camera. So pictures were being stored on the card.

Turned camera off, put SD card in a the 6in1 PCMCIA adapter and tried to read on W2K computer in my USB Lexar PCMCIA reader. Could read to 1st level of directory then when trying to open that folder got error indicating file system was corrupt. Same error on a Windows XP laptop with built in PCMCIA slot.


Tried to format card as FAT in Windows... Got error formatting card.

Tried formatting card in a friend's TRIO cell phone (ha ha I know). Hung the phone the 1st time, 2nd attempt formatted it ok.

Put SD card in camera... turn it on... get message saying can't use the card and the camera powers itself off. So... can't format card in the camera! Double Grrrr

Tried to format the SD card in windows again. Got same error there. Put card in camera... turn it on... get message saying can't use the card but power stays on this time. Hope!! Try to access menu to format the card... can't get to the format menu... all the menus to format, delete files, etc. are inaccessible.

Card IS NOT write protected.

Hope its a SD card / PCMCIA adapter issue and not the camera as the camera seemed to be taking, storing and playing back pictures fine.

Will have to go home and try the 16MB card.

Any thoughts??

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Just a couple of quick thoughts - may expand later if Fredrik doesn't jump in. It sounds like a bad SD card but the earlier firmware on the Z3 did have an issue with 1Gb cards.

So, first check the version of the firmware in your camera (press macro button when on first tab of the 'setup' menu (full details at link below). If it's not 1.02 you should download and install the new firmware.


If this link fails to work just work through the menus on your local minolta site.

Secondly, if the picture you took are valuable to you, there are several utilities available which will recover jpegs from corrupt filing systems. RecoverMyFiles is one and PC Inspector at http://www.pcinspector.de/file_recovery/uk/welcome.htm is another but do a google search for more - they can work even after re-formatting a card. It might be worth a try.

Cheers, Clive
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Camera firmware is 1.02u
My 16MB card works and I can import files from it via my PCMCIA card on my Mac.

Interestingly I can format the 1GB card and take pictures and view them (even after verifying that they actually reside on the card by removing the card) in another ~$100 SD card based camera. Even after doing this the Z3 is unable to format the card.

The card cannot be formatted on my Mac either in either UNIX or Mac OS format. The error messages seem to indicate some type of write errors.

Sounds like a bad SD card.

Interesting that when I used the 1GB card initially in the camera, fresh from the package without formatting it, appeared to store pictures OK. Glad I didn't take any pictures I needed.

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