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Technophile wrote:
I'd be very surprised if that technique would ever work for still cameras. Video cameras are a different animal.All the still camera can do is try to account for camera motion - the operative word being camera - and that's all IS does. Trying to look at the image (which may be of a moving subject) and apply algorithms to itmight be a bit tricky.
Well, I meant motion blur from camera shake since we were discussing IS and Anti-shake.I saw this debated on another forum about a week ago (by users that are far more knowledgeable about what it would take to do it compared to me).

However, I suspect that we'll make advances in technology for other types of motion blur, too. You can already get software for a PC designed to help correct for motion blur. Here's one example:


This kind of technology is still in it's infancy (as is the technology being use in video cameras to prevent blur from camera shake). I suspect that sensor design will have some breakthroughs over the next few years, too (as is always the case with techology, given enough time).

The 5-7 years time frame I suggested is a LONG time away for progress in technical areas. I can't imagine how much more processing power we'll have in a camera that far down the road.
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I'd agree that there's going to be significant technological progress over the next few years, but I'd make a distinction between the hardware and the software. The hardware will continue improving at a staggering rate - digital sensorsare in their infancy - but software won't.Basically the software industry is a mess and I wouldn't expect anything significant from it in the next 50 years, except bigger and slower programs that don't work in any rational way and can only run at all courtesy of very fast hardware.
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