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cald Aug 8, 2002 9:43 AM

Charger differences
Not a scientific comparison - charged batteries in the Sanyo Quick Charge included with the D7i and then put them in the Quest charger. They were in the Quest charger for more than a hour before the LED's flashed 'charged.
Have 3 sets of batteries now. 1 set of Quest platinum 1800, a set of Sanyo 1850, a set of Quest gold 1600's.
Odd that most stores carry 1600's. Only a camera store sold 1800's.

A Ridge Aug 8, 2002 3:09 PM

Your charging until indicates fully charged in you Sanyo charger... then putting them into the Quest charger for another hour or more until that charger also indicates fully charged? Did I understand your post correctly?

Seems that I've read somewhere that this is will reduce the life of the battery and possibly a dangerous practice. OK to 'top off' if they've set unused for maybe a couple of weeks and have lost some their charge, but not just after fully charging. Has anyone else seen anything on this or am I just dreaming? :o

Also I think my local discount store sells 1600, 1700, & 1800 NiMH. But then this in not an urban area and there is no local 'camera store'. :) ar

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