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Default choosing pocketable camera: G400 vs. Kyocera SL300R

I want to buy a pocketable camera. Basic requirements are small size and weight, speed and some manual options.
After a long selection process, I end up with Minolta G400 and Kycera SL-300R. The latter is only 3.2MB, but it is smaller and has a better video and a TV-out.
(Also the new Ricoh G4wide looks interesting, but it has only full auto (program) + scene modes..)

Has somebody some advice or experience to share?

I have not seen any review of any of the cameras - can somebody give me a link?

Thank you in advance,

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the g400 was just released for sale last week. i found only one review on the web of the exact same camera in the european market known as the konica 420z. it was a good review. but you should wait until 15 or 20 reviews are out on the camera or until steve reviews it. if you are in a hurry, for the same money you can get the minolta g500, which is 1/4 thicher and weighs 1 or 2 oz more. the g500 produces results which rival pro cameras, of course it doesn't have all the manual features. on the other hand, you can't lug an slr in your pocket.
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One user review is here:

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I've seen the g400 reviewer's photos. I think it may be a little of a "stretch" on the flash range of 16 feet (sure you can probably see some impact from the flash at that range, but is your subject well exposed).

There's a reason that Konica-Minolta rated the flash as much weaker in the g400.

The g400 does offer some innovative features (as in the new hybrid focus system). However, if you want top quality images, I'd get a camera with a slightly larger sensor instead. The G500's 5 Megapixel 1/1.8" (.556") sensor is larger, and less dense (pixels/square inch), compared to the 1/2.5" (.4") sensor in the G400.

I've been using the Konica KD-510z since mid July (I had one in my hands two weeks after it started shipping in Japan at the end of June) -- long before it was introduced in the U.S. as the Minolta G500.

I feel pretty confident, that I'm the first one in the U.S. to actually use this model, so I've got lots of experience with it. I bought it from a vendor that had two of them (one of them went on Ebay, and the other went to me). He got them from a Konica-Japan employee. I felt fortunate to find it.

I really like this camera.

Is it perfect? Nope.

None of them are. But, for images that are capable of rivaling much larger cameras, you can't beat it. It's only .2 inches thicker than the G400 (the G500 is 1.2 inches thick, versus the G400 which is 1 inch thick). For the better image quality, and much more powerful flash, I'd highly recommend it.

I carry mine with me everywhere in my front pants pocket.

Is it as fast as the G400? Nope. In real world conditions, do you care? You'll have to answer that.

You can see some photos from my Konica here (along with links to my user review):

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