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Default Colours in the minolta F200.Need postprocessing??

I have recently bought a Minolta F200 (after returning one defective hp850 to the shop) and i am taking fotos at everything to test it. If I find that I don't like it I will return it but it seems to be almost perfect.

I have read something about the colours on the minoltas and something like that it is necessary to post process them. Is that true?? Does it mean that i can't take them to a photo shop to develop from the SD (without postprocessing)? :?:

Thanks to everyone and sorry for my inglish!
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I use a Fuji 602 mainly, but also have a S414. There is a marked colour difference between the 2 cameras. The Minolta seems 'flatter' but more like the real scene. The Fuji seems much brighter on colour and some scenes make nice pics, but didn't look like the real thing. As an experiment I reduced the colour saturation of my Fuji pics in post, and could make them look like my Minolta, conversely I can increase colour saturation on the Minolta pics and give them a Fuji look.

That is until I had some of each printed on a Fuji Frontier photo printer on Fuji Crystal paper: They both came out similarly over saturated and I'd deliberately stripped the camera EXIF and PS headers!

My preference is towards the more natural looking Minolta pics. But now I know I can choose my preference (at least on my monitor!) I just set up a PS Action with the right amount of colour saturation. I think some cameras (Canons) offer a saturation control in the menu setup.

It would be interesting to hear from other posters with different camera brands and how they feel colour saturation brightness and contrast might vary. I'm always suspicious about oversaturated colour since it usuall brings noise you don't want. I read somewhere that bright colour and contrast is a market driver for less informed 'which camera do I like' people.

In TV display terms I've grown up with European standard colour for monitors, but I know that Japan has different colorimetry and offers TV's with much higher brightness, contrast and colour saturation. This is a long way from the early tests looking at a scene through a rectangular hole in a black wall, with a TV monitor alongside for comparison, showing the same scene. Today it's all down to consumer preference and what sells or gives brand identity. VOX
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