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Tony Vinto Oct 27, 2002 9:42 AM

Converting D7i color space for archival storage
I am new to the Dimage 7i ...

I saw in a review that the D7i has it's own special color space and that Minolta SW makes it easy to convert a whole directory of immages to the standard JPEG color space.

Being new to color space concerns, I have read a little but can find nothing on "stanfard jpeg" color space. Furthermore, the Minolta SW does not help in determining what space immages should be stored in. I'm guessing "std monitor".

The manuals that came with the camera do not help either.

I do not plan on using the Minolta SW other than for an initial conversion to a normal color space. Then it's Corel Photo paint or some other standard photo editing product. If I need an adjustment for my printer, I'll do it there.

Anyway, what color space should my immages be archived in?

A second question about Minolta viewer (2.0) batch processing. When I select a conversion setting, it does not let me choose a color space. The SW just puts up a popup of the last immage I looked at. Does batch processing really work? Tips on using it?

Thanks in advance.

sjms Oct 27, 2002 10:14 AM

the 7i and 7Hi use the same sRGB color space and the Hi is capable of doing adobe RGB. as to the differences with the so refered standard colorspace- it is so small a difference that most people don't even use the DIVU utility provided and immediately go into their chosen image editor today. the only exception is if they're shooting RAW images that the require conversion to an appropriate colorspace.

in short don't get too worked up over it.

if you want to play safe save in sRGB

industry standard for prepress printing is adobe rgb 1998

the manfacturer wiil not tell you what to do you as the photographer decide which to use. i myself shoot often on my Hi in adobe rgb that just means i skip a step in PS7. color space and icc profiles are another realm of reality. monitor color and capabilities and printers are important if you want to get WYSIWYG. its like learning the darkroom procedure all over again.

with the intro of PIM and EXIF PRINT printing is becoming easier in that the color info is embedded and transfered to the printer that supports them with the image info. your camera supports both and as they progress firmware updates will alow us to ride the wave.
newer epson printers have plugins for PIM for PS to support it in there also.

Tony Vinto Oct 27, 2002 3:07 PM


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