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Default D7 image quality

I'm reading past threads looking for an answer, and I see the talk about shooting in Raw mode, or in Super Fine, but that doesn't really help me. I don't think.

Can you set up the Dimage 7 to take a higher quality DPI photo than 72? If I want to shoot photos at 150 dpi, or even 300dpi - is the only way I'm going to achieve this is by shooting RAW? (Except I just did some test shots with the quality on RAW and they still came out as 72dpi)

(I could have sworn I took a whole series at 150 dpi but heck if i know what setting i had it on, or if it was because I was using someone else CFcard formated in their camera. I dunno.)

Okay - i must be missing something here. Is it a combination of the Size/quality that controls the dpi of the image? 90% of the time 72 works fine for me, but i do occassionaly want to print something out and i really need 300dpi in order to make that worth while.

excuse the probably obvious question but I'm reading the manual and not finding the answer. <-----more on the artsy side than the geek, I'm still trying to figure out all these buttons

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The D7 always output 72dpi (my CP990 put out 150dpi images) and can't be changed... @ least I don't know how from the D7 (or most, if not all, other digicams)! I believe you can only change dpi in post-processing (ie Photoshop).
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No matter what the number of pixels a camera can shoot at is set at whatever the sensor is -- 2000x1600 etc. The DPI is a text printing tag and irrellevant until you go to print. A pixel is a pixel-- a 2000x1600 image with a dpi tag of 300dpi is the exact same data that a 2000x1600 pixel image at 72dpi is. A lot of software defaults jpegs to 72 dpi (which someone decided was average screen resolution).

Open photoshop and go to image size: change the dpi to whatever you want and you have the option of resampling the image or not.

As long as you adjust the 2000x1600 pixel image before your print to the proper size you want it to print or the proper dpi you loose nothing between a camera that "tags" an image 72dpi vs 300 dpi. A camera that shoots a 2000x1600 pixel image at 72 dpi, when you print and set the dpi to 300 you get a (roughly) 6.6"x5.3" print. If you take a 2000x1600 pixel image with a camera that tags the image as 300 dpi when you print it's still 2000 pixels divided by 300 pixels per inch to get the same size print.

DPI is not a quality setting until it reaches the printer-- you need some software to let you choose the quality and size of the print you'll be making.
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okay, thanks, i use photoshop all the time, i was just under the impression that i needed to ~start out~ with the image already at 300dpi, and that by changing it manualy in PhotoShop (bumping it from 72 to 300) that I'd be mucking with the resolution/quality of the pic. If you say that this isn't going to do anything but change the ratio of pics/inches/size of the photo then that will be just fine and is the answer I was looking for. The actual size/dimensions of the final print aren't as important to me as the quality of the image. I'm not trying to make huge posters, I just want some nice prints of some digital pics that will be sharp and clear.

thanks much, this explains why I couldn't find any info about this in the manual
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Photoshop and other image manipulation programs do an excellent job of interpolating the image up to the desired size (within reasonable limits) with minimal loss of image quality.

I have made 16x20 prints from my D7 images that look excellent.

Another program you might want to check out is Qimage Pro. This is mainly for painless printing. It works quite well, but has a very confusing menu system.

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