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jrry Jun 26, 2002 6:59 AM

D7i Noise
I just purchased a D7i and have been using it for a week with pure frustration. I had been using a simple Casio 3500ex. The noise level on the D7i is phenominally bad, the metering system is very poor, the software is very slow, and the image sharpness is very poor. The macro is weak again in comparison - 8" vs. 2". All this in comparison to a simple Casio 3500ex. The camera is being returned asap. :mad:: Picture taking should be fun not work trying to fix everything with software.

sunnyd Jun 26, 2002 8:49 AM

Iím sorry for you, but thanks for posting I was just considering getting one, and also the grainy look of the sample photos were concerning.

padeye Jun 26, 2002 2:50 PM

Sorry to hear you're having such a bad time but your experience doesn't seem typical. What conditions are you shooting in? Are you setting ISO to fixed 100 or leaving it on auto? Can you be more specific about how the metering system isn't working?

Paul Jun 26, 2002 3:15 PM

I've had my 7i for about two weeks now (moving up from a Canon S20) and I couldn't be happier!

The noise at high ISO and low light, or high ISO, full manual mode, and overexposure, is pretty bad, but I'm willing to blame that on my bad experimenting.

I'll admit that the autofocus takes some getting used to compared to the easier point-and-shoot, never worry mode of the Canon. I'm unlearning much of what I've gotten used to with the less flexible digitals I've had and getting back to what feels like "real" photography rather than capturing snapshots.

I, too, am sorry your experience with the 7i wasn't a good one, but I wouldn't trade mine for anything else I've seen or read about (that I can afford) right now.

NHL Jun 26, 2002 4:11 PM

The noise level is a non-issue and has been beaten to death in other forum:

"...but the superficial buzz about it has indeed sent me looking for an alternative to the 7i. For $1000 or less their simply isn't one. Nothing compares. So for those of you complaining about this and that, especially those of you using Phil's review to back up your arguments - learn to understand what you're reading before you start trying to influence other people's opinions..."

Instead of looking at a microscope start enjoying theses D7i pictures instead. Theses D7 owners don't seem to have a problem or theses either. "...Aftear all, the shots in most of the Dimage galleries are awesome. May be the photographer is the real issue..." Frankly if I give my kid a Leica, he would have been frustrated with the 'poor metering system', and the sharpness of the pictures too, since he has gotten perfect shots before with a Kodak throwaway camera !!!

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jrry Jun 26, 2002 7:40 PM

I tried adjusting different settings then I finally took the Camera outside on full auto and simply took four sets of pictures including macro. Then immediately I took the casio and repeated the exact same sequence on full auto and compared the results. The D7i simply produced inferior results. I wanted the quick on for point and shoot which it does do except with a microdrive with more than 40 images on it. I wanted the zoom which is great. I wanted sharp macro's which it does not do in comparison to the casio. On full automatic the noise level was horrendous. I fiddled with fixing the noise issue with software and it could only be marginally improved. the Casio did not have the noise problem except with very low light conditions. The D7i is a prosumer level and as such to dent the mass market must be dummy friendly, which it is not. I understand the Nikon 5700 will have a best shot feature similar to the casio. The Nikon will have better macro, long lens, weaker wide angle, smaller size, and a focus on dummy point and shoot sales. Minolta did a lot to improve the model over the 7 but that will not be enough to capture a larger market as the camera is selling in the $750's now on the net. The price is not much different than most of the market it wants. The results when run through any simple software must be reasonably good to produce the happy camera bug's shot of their kid. The Minolta software was crude in comparison even to Micrografix and definetly very very slow. Also the D7i did not have the ability when editing in the camera to recompose images or even after stopping and restarting the camera to begin deleting images from the exact spot you left off. The delete program took you back to image 1 and then you had to progress through to where you left off. When you have 300- 500 images on a microdrive that is a terrible waste of time, battery power etc. I returned the camera today.

NHL Jun 26, 2002 9:48 PM

I don't know what D7i you have been using but theses are totally false statements:

"The delete program took you back to image 1 and then you had to progress through to where you left off."
--> On mine it stays where you left off (and perhaps you're also unaware of quickly marking several frames with the cursor and do ONE quick delete, which will also revert back to where you left off).

"I wanted the quick on for point and shoot which it does do except with a microdrive with more than 40 images on it..."
--> It's as quick @40 shots on mine as @420 shots (you must be reading to many horror forums!). The spinup time is the same on any camera since it's specific to the drive and not the camera! Beside you'll be lucky to get to 300-500 shots on the 650mAh of the 5700's EN-EL1 battery...

"The Minolta software was crude"
--> I also happen to own NikonView for my 990, and I can assure that the tone curve and histogram feature that the Minolta's DIVU offer is a step beyond what Nikon give you (that is if you call the similar Photoshop S-curve function crude)!

If you can't make a good shot, but require BSS (this is when you have to turn on the flash) then you're way beyond help!!! Is this when you start to fiddle with the noise issue???

Whoa $750 for the D7i? This is actually good... That's go on to show how much Nikon is gouging their customer for putting training wheels on their wares...I can bet you already when it come down to price and features which camera will win over the heart and mind of the smart customers...

jrry Jun 26, 2002 10:09 PM

D7i Noise
NHL, you sure are defensive. Actually my work is regularly displayed and recognized by the county so so much for horn blowing. I am perfectly willing to admit that perhaps the camera may have been defective but what I reported was true. The histogram you refer to is standard on other software so what is your point there. It is nothing special. As to pricing, you do use search engines before you buy don't you. The price on the camera is falling dramatically. No point getting nasty just sharing info. The primary problem was unacceptable excessive noise. The camera will be on the EBAY resell list shortly.

padeye Jun 26, 2002 10:42 PM

No offense but I think you're onto something when you say the D7/D7i isn't "dummy friendly." The D7 is indended for the prosumer market, where users need its flexibility and features and know how to use them but don't want to or can't spend the money a DSLR would cost. A lot of us have a long background with film cameras and the fundimentals of photography that apply to all cameras.

One of those fundimentals is that everything is a tradeoff. If you want film speed it will cost in grain/noise. Most of us set the ISO to 100 rather than automatic. Fact is you can get excellent photos with everything else set on auto/program/default aside from that.

For my money the D7 is an excellent camera. I'm not ready to junk my film Nikons but they gather more dust than they used to.

anteater Jun 27, 2002 1:11 AM


Originally posted by NHL
The noise level is a non-issue and has been beaten to death in other forum:
I don't agree with the characterization of beaten to death. The link that you inserted above takes you to a D7 and D7i comparison of grey shots. The D7i is less noisy than the D7, but it is still noisy.

The D7i seems *marginally* worse in this respect than other comparable 5-mpx cameras. It is one of the compromises that you have to accept for the features that are better than the competition.

Yes, the shots are awesome, and yes, Phil does seem to be a bit of Nikon nationalist. That doesn't make the red-channel noise in blue sky go away in 5-mpx camera images.

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