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Default D7xx 49mm add-on lenses

Anybody had experience with adding telephoto (not too much, 1.5x or 2x) to the D7xx series?

Everyone says there are 49mm threads, but Minolta makes no addon lense for it -- And I sure do not want to get stuck with some plasticily thing with horrible edge sharpness (lack thereof).

I'm Looking at 7Hi closely because the 28-200 with an add-on telephoto would make a full range (28-300+) easier and cheaper than the Nikon C5700 -- which would be a big selling point for the minolta over the Nikon.

the other selling point is that it seems the 5700 does not saturate its images as well as either the Fuji s602 or the D7 series... (or, images are captured at a lower contrast, anyway) -- anyone have any thoughts / experience with that?

thanks in advance
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The Olympus discontinued B300 is what you want. Do an E-bay search, they always have one available and sometime comes with the 49mm thread adpater as well, but can be bought at any camera store.


The nice thing about the D7 series is its flexibility in all the various settings adjustments, including contrast, saturation, sharpness and noise-free. It's also a double edge sword for this camera as well since too often 'operator errors' put the camera at fault for their own shortcoming!

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Default Olympus A200 is 1.4x and less expensive than B300

Another option is the Olympus A200 (1.4x teleconverter that attaches directly to the D7xx and works well with it.)

Most of the teleconverters that work well are Olympus:
The B300 is 1.7x, is very hard to find, and costs $200-$300 when you can find it.
The A200 is also not being manufactured any more, but is around $90.
The C210 1.9x works, but vignettes badly - you get about 1280x960 usable resolution after cropping.
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