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Dam Aug 22, 2002 2:22 PM

Dial is broken
Hi all
I am unhappy, this morning when I have to set the dial in transfer mode, of my 7i, this is broken, he is in my fingers, damaged. I donīt know how a camera of 1000 $ has a little plastic of union between the dial and camera. I was have careful with movement of this dial, but is broken, Iīm disappointed, not with the quality image, this is very good, but yes, with the construction.

KCan Aug 22, 2002 11:52 PM

I guess that Minolta will fix it under warranty if there is no sign of abuse . Keep us informed please.

NHL Aug 23, 2002 5:26 AM


Your camera is still under warranty since you just got it, look for the nearest service center in Spain... There's a locking detent on the function knob that ones must press while turning... Do not force it.

I always recommend to get a CF card reader for downloading anyway:

1 - Do not need an AC adapter
2 - It's faster than the camera's USB
3 - You will wear out that tiny camera's USB connector
4 - You don't tie-up your camera, so it can be used for shooting

Dam Aug 24, 2002 4:37 AM

Thank you all.
NHL, always, I was pressed the locking detent on the function knob while turning, I donīt force it.
I wil buy a CF car reader.
I have a printer, HP psc 950, that has three cards readers system, but sometimes donīt read all cards, I donīt know why, sometimes yes, sometimes not, of all brands, I have five cards reader, two are Sandisk.
Thank you for your advice
I was repaired the dial with a bit of Super Glue 3, and for the moment, is good

NHL Sep 2, 2002 9:30 PM


You might check this recall out: Defective Power Switch

Dam Sep 5, 2002 6:31 PM

Thank you NHL, you are very kind as always.
Yes the number serie of my digital camera is between them, morning I will speak with Minolta Spain.
Thank you very much.

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