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Hi,It's been 4 years since I bought my husband a new camera.He now has a Canon Power Shot S90.Since he doesn't want to carry a bag of lenses I'm thinking of the Minolta Dimage A200 or the Fujifilm S9000.I've been reading threads and just don't know.I do like the anti-shake on the A200,but the S9000 sounds great.Will both ofthese cameras accept filters without an adapter?Any other camera suggestions would be appreciated.No more than $1200 with filters,chargers and add-ons.Thanks

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The a200 accepts 49mm filters without any adapters. However (there's always one of these), most filter causes lens shading at wide angle. I haven't looked at the Finepix 9000 series so I can't give any real information regarding that.

The best way to put filters on the Axx series is to get a step-up ring and then use a 62mm filter to avoid any vignetting.

This might not be what you're looking for though.
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Can't speak about the S9000 but I own a A200. It will accept many filters without an adapter. Generally however polarizing filters might require an adapter since not too many manufacturers make a 49mm circular polarizing filter. which helps to reduce unecessary glare and reflections.

Thus far I've been able to take the vast majority of my shots with the lens provided. I did buy a Raynox 1.5X teleconverter but so far used it maybe only twice.

The built in macro works very well for me although I noted some users have mentioned using the macro lens made by Konica-Minolta.

I take all my shots with Extra-fine resolution thus a 512MB or 1Gig Compact Flash (CF) card works fine and these days you can get the 1 gig CF card at COSTCO or Sams Club for under $70. the CF that comes with the camera stores only about 6-8 shots at Extra Fine.

Definitely purchase an extra battery if you intend to do any photo shooting away from home. I bought an inexpensive replacement battery on e-Bay for about 1/2 half the price of the OEM. But the choice is yours. I've found the clone battery to be adequate but definitely not up to the specs advertised on e-Bay which alleged 25% better performance. A battery charger comes with the camera.

Get a carrying bag and preferably one that doesn't advertise that there's a camera inside.

The performance of any camera is a very biased judgement unless done under very controlled conditions. I would imagine that most purchasers of either camera will swear by the superb performance of their purchase. If you can get your hands on both,try them out even in the Camera shop. This might help to make a good choice. I don't think you would good wrong purchasing either unless of course you ended up with a lemon.

You can view some of my images taken with my A200 only one week after I received the camera and spent two weeks on vacation in New Zealand. http://www.pbase.com/selvin/nzNeedless to say the camera isn't that difficult to use. I forsee you wll have mininimal problems especially since a A90 was previously used.

One word of caution. The A200 out of the box takes what some people describe as photos lacking snap/color. Several independent reviewers have however pointed out that the A200 takes pertty accurate color shots. It's just that other brands tend to oversaturate their images.

Hope this helps. And finally you can equip the A200 with extra memory, CF, battery and filters for less than $1000.

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I am the happy owner of an A200. I have had many cameras over the past years and the A200 is fantastic. The features and build are great...not to mention the picture quality is excellent. The zoom is just enough and wide angle is nice. You can't go wrong with it.

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