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Default Did I damage my camera, Dimage 7i

I used Durcell Coppertop batteries in my camera, I heard this is a bad thing. My camera is fine, but the batteries that came with the camera will not fully charge. I leave them in the charger overnight and put them in the camera, and take a few pictures, and they are dead.

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Digital cameras in general use a lot of current... Duracell batteries can't damage a camera, but are only intend to be used in emergencies... but would only last only a few minutes.

Go to WalMart or Target and get yourself a Rayovac 1hr fast battery charger! You never have to wait more than that for the batteries to be completely charged! http://www.stevesforums.com/phpBB2/v...hlight=rayovac
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Be sure you get a good NiMH battery charger and at least two sets (8) high milliamp hour batteries. Ones with ratings of over 2000 milliamp hours are now available. You might check out places like Wal Mart, Circuit City or Office Depot to find the best price.
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I'm using some 2000 milliamp powerex batteries. Maha charger. I was expecting the worst, after reading all the remarks. First time usage: started by discharging them, then I after they charged up, I went to town. I wanted to drain them.

On the 7 (no upgrade) I took 30 Raw images and 17 Tiff (max size) and 15 jpeg (max size) - all consecutive. With flash and LCD on. I gave up at that point. The battery was still full on the screen! Don't know how many more pics were left, but I gave up. I'm very happy with the result.

Get good batteries, and don't forget to discharge them.
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I bought a Maha charger and two sets of 1800 mAH batteries but never bothered to charge up the second set. When several months had passed, I decided to use them and tried to charge the 4 brand new batteries. Whichever pairings I used, the charger lights would not come on when one of the four batteries was used. I wrote Maha technical support and was told that the batteries do not take well to being stored for a long time before use and they sent me a replacement cell. When it arrived, I noted that whichever side of the charger contained another of the original cells took twice as long to charge or discharge using the conditioning buttons. After three cycles, that cell failed and would not turn on the charge lights either.

Moral to the story: Batteries seem to be a bit more delicate than I first assumed. Your packaged batteries may have been suffering from this shelf life problem. This is not a subject I had heard before but buying new (and fresh) cells should help. Running new cells through a few charge/discharge cycles is supposed to be a good idea but if they are dead out of the box, there does not seem to be much to do but replace them.

BTW, my original Sanyo 1850 batteries packaged with the 7i are still going strong and work as well as the Maha set I have been alternating with them. I agree with folks that recommend Maha but that is mostly because they have been great answering my questions and replacing that one battery more than their product being better than the competition. Batteries seem to be the weak point of all digital camera systems.
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