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I had the displeasure of dealing with digitalliquidators.com. They do sell the actual product but the prices are for "grey market" or "international" models which as Steve stated does not come with battery, charger and so on. They hold your order and want you to call them to confirm but this is where the upsell begins. I asked why their price was so low in comparison with everyone else and ifit was a "refurb". He said that it was brand new and I again pressed for why the low price. I had a bad feeling to begin with but my excitement for a new camera got the best of me.

He then told me it was "grey market". I told him it did not say anything like that in the description. He then had me go to their disclaimer page and it was not very clear that this kind of practice was being done. I told him that I wanted to cancel my order. The next thing I get someone else who says that they are sorry but the order has already been filled. I told him that I am going to put a stop payment on it and send it back. The tune changed and he said he would give me a free camera bag and free shipping and the US model but it was $50 more. It was still the best price at the time. I agreed to it and was not feeling too good about this whole deal. The camera and bag did come but seperately and I thought that I would get stuck with the shipping charges for the bag. Luckily I did not. I am happy with the camera and it has been great.

The experience though left me a bit gun shy about ordering online for a while. This is a great hobby and there are many great deals to be had to afford all the bells and whistles but some scams out there can leave you with a very bad taste in your mouth about it for some time.

I do my homework and this site has been great in finding out some great deals and buyer bewareinfo.

Happy :|
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I've dealt with them as well. The "order confirmation" routine istried and true. Theyget you to calland then upsell on ridiculously overpriced accessories. Or some other facts come up, such as "missing battery" or "no charger". The final kicker is the "grey market model". The cameras are purchased directly from Japanese wholesalers, not MinoltaUSA. While the camera is manufactured by the same company, you never know what condition it is in. Plus, there is usually no manufacturerwarranty on "grey market" goods, since they were distributed outside of regular channels.

When I was shopping for A200 a couple months ago, I made a list of sites with the lowest price and started working from the bottom. First four took me through the confirmation drill and "grey market" education. After some point, I took the "call for confirmation" email as the sign to call for cancelation. The first respectable site with the lowest price was buydig.com. They were quick, efficient, no upsell, no confirmationand offered prices not much higher than the scamming Brooklyn mafia of Digital Liquidators, AMPhotoworld, MPSuperstore and such.

As somebody mentioned above, http://www.resellerratings.comis a good resource to check web site credentials and history.

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