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David Crosby- the minute nikon comes out with a serious digital slr both you and i will probably start the thought process that goes by this line- i think its time now.

i have been extremely dissapointed in the design of the newer nikon digicams. they're out to accessorize people to the limit.

i must admit the D7/7i came out of left field and caught my eye. ugly as it is it performs and produces some of the best digital images i've gotten so far. to me the manual zoom is a godsend.
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Thanks again for info Mr Crosby, I stay in Milton Keynes so this will will really be conveniant for me. I wonder why they are insisting the camera be brought in for the upgrade? I think I will go ahead and try this upgrade based on your feedback. Do you think they can do a firmware upgrade on me as well to improve my photographic skills?

I had a bit more luck taking some pictures in low light at a barbeque on Sunday

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Default Minolta Service


Just stick with the camera upgrade!! Seriously, you'll find the more pictures you take, the better your photos. The D7 takes some getting used to, it has so many whistles and bells on it. About all you'll waste is battery power, rather than rolls of film and a lot of expensive developing and printing. Just make sure you have a CD writer as you'll end up taking hundreds and hundreds of pictures.


Dave Crosby
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[quote]Originally posted by sjms
where are you located?

if your in the US the upgrade is available as a cd-rom and it's a do it yourself .

for some strange reason in the UK its a must send in and have minolta do it.

Cd Copy progrms sold in the US are not allowed to boost weak sectors (COPY GUARD). Your ability to make a back-up is further hampered by make/model of CDRW and copy program used. Much harder on this side of the pond which may explain why cd's here and not there.

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