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Default I was also indicating ones that appeared in focus

The images I was refering to also were ones that appeared good on the viewfinder but then when put on a PC they turned out to be blurry. I had alot more when locked and shot, afterwards appeared blurry on the viewfinder. Also to note, contrary to what some reviews say, RAW images appear to be the best. I've heard this by several people in the forums but when I tried it I couldn't believe how much better the pictures looked. The A1 has a different autofocus system with more focus points. I would think that would make the system much more reliable. I would be happy if 85% of my photos were in focus.
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Figured I'd hop in on this one and give you my 2 cents
Note I'm a bit more amatuer than many of you folks so take that into account as you read on (hey - maybe that's an advantage - I relly on the autofocus more than many might).

Regarding the A1 and Autofocus:
I've had an A1 for a few weeks now (and was on vacation for a good part of time since - so took a lot of pic's). I've only seen two shots come out blurry using the autofocus (and have taken several hundred). Suprisingly - these couple of shots looked okay on the LCD - not until I got them on my PC did I see the focus problem. And I KNOW the red-focus box clicked in the proper place for these shots. Then again - I can live with 2 out of several hundred - I'm sure this is in the normal range. I had far worse problems with my previous digi-cam - especially in lower-light situations. I haven't been shooting in RAW mode - all in JPG-Hires. I may try switching to RAW for certain pictures but wouldn't want to shoot all in Raw due to concerns over archiving space.
On the A1 - I do often time hit the shutter half-way multiple times before taking my shot. I love the feedback it gives telling you what it picked as the focal point - if it aint in the right place - I try again. I have used the continous-autofocus mode and it seems to work okay in most situations. Only once, in a low-light situation, was I unable to get the continuous-AF to grab the object.

Regarding image stabilization with A1 (none with 7HI)
Given all the features of this camera - one that really drew me in was the antishake. 7X zoom clear without a tripod - good stuff!

Regarding A1's proprietary battery:
I'll give up on easy loading off-the-shelf batteries for one that lasts over 5 hours with the LCD on any day! This camera's battery is awesome compared to many out there. Check out the data:

Manual versus Auto settings:
I have been able to get by with full auto-settings most of the time with my A1. There have been times when I have locked ISO at 100 (thanks for the suggestion!) and have changed white-balance or switched to shutter-priority mode with this camera to get (or attempt to get) a better shot. I'm still experiencing with a lot of this though - often times the fully auto shot is better. Someone needs to write an application guide that better explains what to change when on this camera for us amateurs

Overall I've been pretty happy with the A1. Favorites are battery length, antishake, 7X zoom. My runner-up choice had been the Nikon coolpix 5700.
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