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newbieX Oct 24, 2003 9:50 AM

Dimage 7Hi External Flash
Now, don't get mad at me since this topic has probably been discussed a million times already. I did check the previous posts on external flashes for the Dimage 7Hi.

Can you let me know what are all the external flash options available to me? The reason I need it is just for in-door pictures, I won't be using it for connecting to other huge flashes like the studio types.

I know there's the Minolta 5600HS(D) and 3600HS(D) and the Sigma EP-500. Are there any others?

The Sigma EP-500 looks like a good price range of $160 unlike the 5600. Are there any KEY features in Minolta 5600HS that the Sigma doesn't have?

Please advice. Thanks in advance.

NHL Oct 24, 2003 10:23 AM


It should be a virtual clone to the 5600HS(D) or the Canon 550EX. There's also the Metz, but they use a different wireless mode... :wink:

newbieX Oct 24, 2003 10:30 AM

Awesome NHL..that's the same thing I was thinking after further researching after making the post. Just needed some confirmation from a pro like yourself. Thank you again.

If anyone else has some comments, please feel free.

websounding Oct 28, 2003 11:05 AM

Dumb EF-500 question?
Ok, I'll continue this thread with my ignorance. From what I can tell so far, the external flashes on the 7-Hi can be used off the camera or in off-camera combinations. I am wondering how the flashes are mounted, then? I mean, are there stands/mounts they sit in, etc?
Thanks again.

NHL Oct 28, 2003 11:48 AM

Theses flashes come with a stand with a flash socket build-in. You slip this tiny 'X' shaped leg on the flash hot shoe and voila`:wink:

The D7i/Hi will then control theses external flashes (ie multiples units) by sending controlling pulses via the camera built-in flash. No wires are required: All this is done with a pre-flash Through-The-Lens (TTL) measurement.

With their Maxxum film camera they have an infrared controller that does the same thing (very similar to the Canon's 550/420EX system), but I haven't try this combination with their digital yet. The modeling light function from theses flashes can be enabled by pushing the aperture stop-down button on the camera so you can check the shadow casts or the unwanted reflections as well! 8)

newbieX Oct 29, 2003 8:15 PM I have a question...just to clarify...the Sigma EF-500 can be mounted on a Dimage 7Hi right? Like, where the external flash hotshoe that's on the camera?

If any of you use a Sigma EF-500 with a Dimage 7/i/Hi, please let me know if there are any compatability issues.

Thanks in advance.

NHL Oct 30, 2003 7:31 AM


No adapter required unless you want to extend it off-the camera:

That's why the wireless mode is there for... 8)

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