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relayer Jun 17, 2003 3:43 PM

Dimage 7i fuzzy during autofocus?
I just satisfied my want for the 7i last week by getting a deal on a refurbished unit from an online auction. Everything seems to work ok on the unit, but I have noticed a couple of things.

As the subject line says, the view of the image goes a bit fuzzy during the autofocus process, especially when the EVF switches over to B&W due to low lighting condiions. Once the focus is locked, the picture returns to normal. I'm guessing that this is due either to noise in the circuit or a very small power dip due to the AF motor coming on. Is this normal?

I also had a problem several days ago where both the EVF and the LCD went completely scrambled while composing a shot. Kind of like in Star Trek when the Romulans start jamming the transmission at the source and somebody always yells "You're breaking up!" at the static on the viewscreen. Anyway, I shut the camera off and turned it back on again, and all returned to normal. Any ideas?

I want to make sure that I didn't get a non-refurbished refurb camera.


NHL Jun 17, 2003 5:03 PM


the view of the image goes a bit fuzzy during the autofocus process
This is how they sped up the autofocus process I believe... while the camera is doing the AF algorithm the EVF stop updating for a fraction of a second as the picture snap into focus. 8)

On the older D7 before the firmware update, the EVF is updated constantly and the user perceived the AF as hunting back and forth, also slowing down the autofocus process... That was one of my minor gripe with the new firmware, albeit ending with a faster focus!

With regard to the other problem, if unsure send it to Minolta if it's still under guaranty. They are really good at this... :P

relayer Jun 17, 2003 10:39 PM

Good information, NHL - thanks for the quick response. As many times as I've read all the reviews and other info for the 7 and 7i, I should have remembered what you said in your firmware upgrade... :wink:

I've got a 6 month warranty on the thing, so I'm gonna use the snot out of it to see if any other gremlins are lurking. I'm not too concerned about the static thing since it's only happened once, but if it keeps on... back it goes.


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