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A friend has a 7i which appears to have a problem. In use it gets quite hot and when not in use it seems to flatten the batteries. He now tells me that he can only get about 6 shots out of a set of fully charged batteries. I assume there is something wrong, but is there a fix?
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Flatten the batteries - I assume you mean, it drains them of charge. Sounds like an electronics problem in the camera. It certainly should not happen when not in use (I assume the camera is turned off). Time for a visit to the service center.
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The dimage 7 series do tend to get pretty warm in the handgrip region when in use. If it is not too hot to hold, it should be OK. Both the extra heat and low battery life could be due to old batteries. As NiMH cells near the end of their life cycle, their capacity drops, as well as their ability to hold a charge. When battery voltage drops, the DC-DC converter in the power supply need sto draw more current for same amount of camera power. This extra current causes more heat to be generated.

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Thanks for your input. Ihave passed this information on and let him decide what to do. He is an ardent Nikon 35mm man really, trying to drag himself into the digital age but is not, so far, too impressed.
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If the batteries are the same age as the camera they are nearly 4 years old. If the camera has been used a lot with only that one set of batteries it isn't unusual for them to need replacing. Replacement NiMH batteries are pretty cheap.

The D7i is a battery hog with new batteries, but the camera originally came with 1650 mAh batteries and newer batteries have a lot more capacity. With the original batteries I could get at least 60 or 70 shots and more without the LCD on. I always carried a spare set.

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