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wee_ag Jul 28, 2002 3:14 PM

Dimage 7i - two questions - double exposures & print work
Question 1

Is there a way to do double exposures? I've checked the manual and saw nothing about it.

Question 2

I purchased the camera mainly for print work. I notice the resolution is 72 ppi. From my experience the resolution needs to be 300 ppi for printing. I can up it in photoshop to 300, but when i want to print a 20"x30" poster (2560x1920 under super fine quality) how will this effect the quality of the print?

Please note I am new to digital photography, although have been in film photog for some time.


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NHL Jul 28, 2002 3:22 PM

Both questions can be answered in Photoshop!

Question 1: is easily done in most photo-editors with various opacity so manufacturers don't plan on offering in digital cameras just layer one image on top of another!

Question 2: Most photo-editor will support this as well, but I haven't change my from the default... My 990 (3.3 Mp) is defaulted @ 150ppi while the D7 (5 Mp) defaults @ 72 ppi, but my D7 output sure looks better than the 990. Someone can explain that to me as well... (other than changing to 150 increase the # of pixels and file size)

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wee_ag Jul 28, 2002 7:16 PM

Have you, or anyone else, tried printing a full size 2560x1920 pixel print?

Mine seem to be pixelated if I don't up the res in photoshop - which seems to defeat the purpose of being able to take photos at such a large file size.

msgtb Jul 29, 2002 2:23 PM

Printing large prints
You might want to look at a program called Qimage Pro. I have tried it and think it is a excellent program for printing photos. It automatically sends the largest possible resolution to your printer. You can really see the difference. Much easier than doing it manually in a photo program.

Good Luck

zhu001 Jul 29, 2002 7:18 PM

it is all relativity.

the size (width and height) of image is relative to dpi. but the max pixel size of a photo is fixed.

as most people adapted, 300 dpi is min for screen 150 lpi (line per inch) litho-press (photo res. is twice of screen res). so 2560 x 1920 turns out to be 8.54" x 6.4" max. (sorry, not as claimed for 11x17 post)

ask your pre-press company what lpi they use and what is the photo res should be used.

my experience is 200 dpi is acceptable. 150 is barely. and below 150 will see pixel-effect.

btw, newspaper uses 72 lpi and most magazine uses 133 or 150 lpi

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