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G Man Nov 25, 2002 1:23 PM

Dimage 7i vs Canon G3.... Which one should I buy?
Thanks in advance for all who read and respond to this inquiry.

I need a digi camera for bonding work and to post pics of items for sale on the web. Also intend to take pics of the kids and probably some vacation shooting. I'm a novice whose experience is limited to some 35 mm shooting with a Nikon 6006 years back. This will be my first digi camera.

Haven't handled the D7i yet. Portability is an issue but not high on the list. Ease of use for quick portrait shots indoors (spelled J-A-I-L) for bonding and indoor pics of items to post for sale tops the list.

Battery life, quality pics, easy downloading, portability round out the needs.

Thanks again for reading and offering a novice some useful guidance.

rikster Nov 25, 2002 11:49 PM

Go to a camera store that has both and try them out. Hands on is usually the best way to tell. I have the D7Hi so i opted for the minolta.

gared Nov 26, 2002 12:15 PM

I am an ex-5700 user, so I don't know if my opinion is valid or not :) But I had some time to play around with 7Hi, and its feel and control are pretty similar to SLR camera. I love the manual focus and zoom ring, something that I miss on Nikon 5700.

I believe G3 and 7Hi are both capable of taking great image. But if it's about total control over the camera, I'd say get 7Hi. But it's all up to you, test both cameras at the store, before making buying decision.

G Man Nov 26, 2002 12:43 PM

Thanks Gared,

I was also considering the CP5700. The manual focus on the Minolta would definitely take care of the low light focusing issues (if there really are any). Reason for asking opinions on this board is that I live out in the sticks and the nearest place to find the cameras to handle is a couple of hours drive to Pittsburgh. Guess I'll have to make the trip.

NHL Nov 26, 2002 3:25 PM

Don't know if you realize it, but the D7hi/i also has a very flexible Black & White mode for mugshots (with 11 color filter settings, not that you ever need it...) :lol: :lol: :lol:

... and the standard NiMh batteries that theses cameras take are good companions for the microdrive; However, the G3 is definetly more portable!

moondaug Dec 6, 2002 3:08 PM

G3 v. Dimage 7i
Dimage 7x lenses go to a wide 28mm. Canon (nonSLR) poweshots all max at 35mm wide.

On the upside, the Canon G3 (G2, S30, S40, S45 as well) handles RAW and hi-res images faster and generally offers less noisy/grainy and somehow sharper looking images. But the 28mm wide convinced me to buy the Minolta. I love the Canon's small size, which is why I bought my wife an S230 which I use as a backup camera on trips.

And while I hate those damn expensive proprietary LithIO batteries, the downside to AA NiMH is that they lose charge just sitting around. So that after 3-6 months in a bag, they're down to 1/2 charge. Most sites I've read say it's detrimental to NiMH battery life to leave them in a trickle charger indefinately. I have to plan ahead and charge my spare sets a day or so before. Hassle.

amazingthailand Dec 6, 2002 8:34 PM

The D7 series definately give you quality images and the lens is truely amazing. I love the manual zoom, rather than the powered zoom of most of the competition. Manual focus is also very easy, should you need it. As for portability, it is definately much smaller and more portable than your N6006.

Downloading - personally, I would give the downloading images from the camera to a computer a pass. Too slow. Instead opt for a card reader that you can plug the CF card into. That also leaves the camera free for additional photos.

Also, give some consideration to getting the 1GB microdrive. At present there is simply no better bang for the buck, and they are very reliable (I have 2).

Battery life is always an issue, but with the rechargable NiMH AA's the D7's use, just have one or two sets of charged batteries on standby.

You say you need to shoot mug shots for JAIL. Here you could opt for an AC power pack for the camera. Plus, will you use additional lighting? Strobe or flood? If strobe, the D7Hi has a builtin PC sync socket. The other D7's do not.

If possible, get to a camera store and get a hands on test of this and any other camera you are considering. All in all, the D7's are well designed and easy to use, with LOTS of manual control, including full manual everything, should you want.


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