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Hia nd thanks for any help you can give me...I am a new user of a Dimage A1 and so far like it but am a bit overwhelmed with its capabilities...I have 2 questions for you :

1) I was taking pics of the kids concert and it seems like that when you have the lens zoomed all the way out, you are only getting to the point that you are actually away from the person you are photographing. What I mean is if I am 40 feet away from my subject, the lens when it is all the way in makes it seem like I am 80 feet away. When I zoom all the way out it zooms in to just barely the actual distance I am away from the subject. Its like a " sorta zoom lens" ...Is it me or some firware upgrade I can do to help this or is it normal?

2) I want to get a telephoto lens 2x to 3x at least. What will work and what is cheapest. Many of you have talked about using an Olympus zoom? What model and where can I purchase these. Do I nned adapters also or any software for it to work. That is the only problem I have with the camera, the zoom is very weak for a 7x. I have sony's that have 3x zooms and they seem to get me a photo as close as the minolta 7x zoom.

thanks again and I look forward to your responses
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Hello freekshow.

It can be a little confusing and surprising how the image looks on your lcd. You don't really see the benefit of a zoom lens until you view on your computer. Or that's what it seems to me anyway. The lcd would have to be huge to show what we actually see. I think. But what you are seeing is 'normal'.

Your A1 has a 28mm - 200mm lens. For a camera to see the same view as the human eye, it has to be at around 50mm. You have the advantage of a 28mm wide angle for fitting more in the frame without falling over that wall. So at that 'setting' the subject would look small.

Confusion abounds when it comes to 'x' whatever number. The A1 is a 7x zoom lens. This means the longest focal length is 7x longer than the shortest focal length. This being 28mm on your camera times 7 equals 200mm. (well actually 196mm).

Your concern over the zoom compared to your example of a Sony 3x zoom is unfounded. As I said and am sure you are aware now, you have 200mm at your disposal. A sony, or any other camera, with a 3x zoom is very likely to have a lens of 35mm or 38mm at the short end, times 3 would give 105mm or 114mm, so you are getting much closer to the action, it just may not seem like it on your lcd. If you were to take a pic at full zoom with your camera and also with a 3x camera and view them on screen, there would be a very noticeable difference.

Finally, I can recommend the Olympus TCON-17 teleconverter as I use one with my Dimage A2. You would need a step up ring with whichever teleconverter lens you buy unless it was the Konica Minolta ACT-100. I chose the TCON as it was half the price, nearly half the weight and has a conversion factor of 1.7x. The Minolta lens is 1.5x. The raynox 2.2 lens seems to be popular also, but you will suffer more with vignetting. To use the TCON you would need a 49mm - 55mm step up ring, only a few pounds/dollars.

Hope this helps and sorry nobody responded sooner.

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