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Default Dimage A1 External Flash

I am looking to upgrade to the A1 and I have a slave flash I used with my C2100 and a flash bracket. Can I use this flash in the hot shoe? What advantages do I have in moving to a different flash and what would a different flash that leveraged the A1 features cost?

I do a good bit of shooting of night games under stadium lights and was using the external flash to get more range on my shots. i would love to think I could get by without the flash all together with the upgrade to A1, but I suppose I need to know what the advantages are of the hot shoe and buying a flash for that use rather then simply using the hot shoe as a mounting bracket.

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the full automated metered flash mode. auto control over the strobe zoom. as you zoom so goes the strobe. and a whole bunch of other stuff that would require lots of explaining which you can read up on by going to the minolta or sigma site.

i mentioned sigma because the make a 2 minolta D compatable strobes too at a more economic price.


any strobe with a D designation is compatable with the 7 series and A1. even the macro flashes.


the top 2 for you
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now if your 5 rows back or even on the sidelines your limited by the ISO. the flash in this situation may be a disturbance to the players and depending on their size or the officials you may be asked not to use it in either a subtle or not so subtle way.

the highest iso is 800 and tends to be fairly noisy at that level. you may want to reevalute and think of a digital rebel/300D due to the difference in design of the imager and the wider ISO latitude it has. at 800 the rebel is much less noisy.
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