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Old Jan 28, 2006, 10:59 PM   #1
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i've had my dimage a1 for awhile now and have taken thousands of pictures with it, even taken it to hawaii from australia, on holiday. i was wondering, is it possible to get a teleconverter for this camera? i know it's possible with the a2, but i would love to know if it's possible with this camera. i truly hope it is. and if it is, how much longer would the zoom be? i hope someone can help me on this before tomorrow. thanks heaps
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A1 lens is the same as A2 and the D7 line. the same T/Cs work with all these cams. The Minolta glass is 1.7x, which would give equivalent 340mm focal length. I have heard good things about the Oly Tcons as well, and I think they are a bit less expensive. The Minolta will screw directly to your camera, but the Oly requires an adapter.

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The discontinued Olympus B300 or the Olympus TCON-17, which is just a rebadged B300, should work well with the A1.
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Minolta's own teleconverter is 1.5x so it's slightly "shorter" than Oly TCON-17 but it doesn't degrade image quality in any way.

Oly causes slight vignettting, but converter weights just half so it's much more friendly to lens. (unless you support it with other hand)
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Old Jan 30, 2006, 12:37 PM   #5
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I second E.T's assertion that the Minolta ACT-100 will give you 300mm, and add that you will not need to use a step up ring to attach it.

Also, it is nearly twice the weight of an Oly TCON-17 (which gives 340mm) and nearly twice the price.

Designed for the Ax range, as you might expect it will perform the best out of any teleconverter you wish to consider.

The TCON doescause a slight amount of vignetting, (I use one), but not so much that can't be compensated for with composition or in post processing.

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