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Default Dimage A2 and 4GB Hitachi Microdrive problem

I got an OEM Microdrive on eBay, but my A2 says "Unable to use this card". The card mounts in my Dazzle multi-format card reader, though, and I can format it (FAT32), put files on it, etc. It's apparently just the camera that doesn't like it, though the camera has no trouble with an old (and slow!) 128MB compact flash solid state card.

The microdrive's model number is HMS360404D5CF00 and the part number is 13G1766.

Other codes on the back are E182115 T and D33373N155, and then N2GAYSSA 41B under a bar code.

Any suggestions? Am I just screwed? Would this card work in other cameras, so that I can sell it and try buying another card?
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Please see my Microdrive review for the full info but be aware that there are two different OEM 4GB Microdrives. The ones used in the Creative Labs Muvo2 MP3 player work in most digital cameras -- the ones used in Apples iPod-mini do NOT work in cameras. Of course these eBay sellers will not tell you that.

See also this thread here on the forums:


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My understanding (which could be totally wrong) is that the iPod Mini drives have a different part number - 13G1768 instead of 13G1766. But obviously something's different about the drive I have. Unfortunately, I don't have another FAT32-aware camera to try it in.

I even tried different formatting tricks, per the seller's suggestion, but nothing worked.

Has anyone had any luck with the Dimage A2 and OEM 4GB Hitachi Microdrives?
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Thanks! That did it!
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Default Here is your solution

I own the Minolta A2 and recently purchased the infamous Creative MuVo2 and yanked the 4 gig card. I formatted it with my computer to FAT32. My camera wouldn't recognize it. I tried everything. I used all sorts of different cluster sizes, I even tried just using FAT. I even tried copying the files from my Microdrive 340mb (which does work). Nothing made the 4 gig card work. I began to think it was bad. I went to the store over lunch and loaded the card in the Sony F-828. It worked just fine. It also worked in the Nikon 8700. I couldn't try the Canon Pro1 or Olympus 8080 because the batteries were dead on them. I formatted the card with the Sony and left feeling bummed that the card wouldn't work in my camera. When I got home, I tried it one last time in a desperate attempt. To my astonishment it worked. I could now format it with my camera. I have shot pictures and dumped them on my hard drive, then formatted with the camera and started over again. It works great. I can get, I think it was, 335 RAW pictures with the 4 gig card. The key is to format with The Sony F-828 to activate usage on the 4 gig hitachi drive for use in the Minolta A2. (Other camera's may fix this too but I can only verify it works by using the Sony). I hope this info helps. Follow by example as we fight the war on price. I don't know why Hitachi thinks they can sell us the same 4 gig stick for $500 that they sell to companies like Creative for $100 or less. What BS. I will play my part in making them pay. Share this info...
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