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For now, I am interested in the "Display Information Button" (i+). I understand that pressing this button toggles between the four displays as follows:

1. Standard display - Nothing untoward here. Just shows the current settings.

2. Real-time histogram - Histogram here is useful in setting proper lighting. I presume a relatively normal bell-curve display would indicate proper lighting. If not, please correct me in this.

3. Focus frame only - Again, nothing untoward, just provides an uncluttered view of the image.

4. Live image only - provides a clear view of the image.

Now, it becomes a little tricky:

Press the shift button, on the side of the camera, and the i+ button at the same time to obtain two additional displays as follows:

1. Grid - I presume this is useful for composition. Proper placement of characters or objects within the image as well as proper orientation. If this is not so, please correct me.

2. Scale - This is the biggie! I cannot think how this might be useful. The scale does not change as the zoom is employed and there are no markings to the scale. If you have ideas how this might be used, I would appreciate any ideas.


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Hi Wiz.

Pretty much as you have stated, but with a couple of provisos.

2. Real time Histogram................You are correct here. Except that when the onboard flash, or a compatible flash unit are used, the histogram will not show an accurate reading. Nor will it give an accurate reading in extremely low-light conditions and the automatic monitor amplification kicks in and the display becomes B & W. I found this site to be helpful when trying to understand the histogram, http://www.luminous-landscape.com/tu...stograms.shtml

2. Scale..........................I've never used this scale on my A2 but according to one reference it can be used 'as an aid in composing close-up photos to judge the relative proportions of the subject'.

Spot on with the rest, hope this helps.

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