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Default Dimage Macro capability

How good is the Dimage 7i or Hi in macro mode?
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i just shot this on my desk a little bit ago. using a 7Hi and tripod no color correction no sharpening under my halogen desk lamp. 1/15 at f8 timer exposure manual focus desk light only. sorry had to reduce it to 640x480 to post so it isn't going to be as sharp as the original.

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I bought the 7i (same for 7Hi) specifically for its macro capability. While several cameras have the ability to focus more closely (including my old Nikon 990), The Minolta feature of worth is that the macro capability comes at the telephoto end of the zoom. This means that an image of a certain size object will be made from further away than using a camera with macro on the wide angle setting (like the Sony 707). This allows shooting things without casting your own shadow on the subject. I shoot coins and being able to control light angle is everything. This allows pictures of bumblebees from the relative safety of 8" rather than 3" (every little bit helps?). The fault of the system is that the smallest item that fills the frame is about the size of a half dollar. I posted a question about what macro help I could get from add ons but failed to find someone using a +10. I plan some trial and error testing soon.
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I also do a little macro work and have found a couple of problems with using my 7i.

The first is that in the telephoto position the macro is almost too strong. Fortunately it is easy enough to stay in the regular mode and still get most of the shots. Can't really see any reason for the wide angle macro mode.

The second problem is simply part of the poor auto-focus performance of the 7 series of cameras. I find it necessary to use manual focus in almost all cases in the macro mode. Part of this problem is that at macro distances the depth of field is very small so you have to be very careful with focus, but the majority of the promblem is the 7i's.

The third problem is lighting. I work on the move without a lot of extras and frequently use the built in flash for fill lighting. The built flash is pretty weak (not nearly strong enough for longer distance shots) but still too strong for macro work. Using the pre-flash TTL mode, by the way, works better than ADI flash metering for macro shots. Has anyone tried the Minolta close up diffuser CD-1000?
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the use of AF in macro is not advised due to the shallow depth of field. manual allows you to choose the primary focus area in the image. do not use AF as a crutch. the 7 AF was slow but if you upgraded the firmware there was more tha a subtle difference in focus. the 7i and Hi are exellent AF even in low light. better than most cameras. notice on the AF area on the lens. it allows a little racking also just don't force it. it is a small range. the macro on this is about the equivelent to a 180-200mm macro. i have noticed that nost people were brought up on 50-90mm macro lenses thats where the issues start. it is a different focal length here.

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