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sprockett Sep 1, 2002 3:50 PM

hi, i just got a dimage x...

1. i realise that for most occasions when i take photos AT NIGHT, the LCD is Very very dim... i practically can't see the target i am shooting!!

2. i usually see little dots of light on LCD, which correspond to the brighter parts of the picture... eg light bulb, candle flame etc...
but as for the target's face etc all i see is BLACK or at most VERY DIM!! The dimage is practically useless for outdoor night shots…

3. for example, on the street out side my house, (it has those standard orange street lamp) if i try to view a target under the street lamp, i practically can't see anything else apart from a VERY DIM person!! apart from a bit of an orange glow, the lcd is BLACK!!!

4. HOWEVER, the LCD functions PEFECTLY at other times... in the day, or in brightly lit areas, in play back mode etc....

5. My nikon 885 is MUCH better, basically if i can see the target at night, i can see the target thru its LCD.....

Thus i am now wondering.. is this a HARDWARE FAULT? should i bring it back to minolta to change?

or are all dimage x like this ? (since the lens is so small.. 1cm square!)

btw mine is a newer edition, made in KOREA and not JAPAN :(

do u have this problem?

Or is it a design flaw?

Please reply soon.. thanks so much….

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