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abo-hajer Sep 28, 2005 2:26 PM

Hi every one... cy_ and Baz..
Thanks for all for contributing their replies about this subject...
Indeed, inspite of my Minolta Dimage X20 camera had been stopped working, but it is the best I ever seen.. even better than Sony.. I tried alot of cameras.. but not such a small and flexible one with a fantastic picture.. The fault of this model only, because I have G500 and still running.. even my friend have X20 whcih we bought together and still running.. but may be because is made in Indonisia not Japan!!
What ever I send it to the Minolta service to fix it...

About Baz.. is a good method to run your camera, but is sophisticated somewhat!! but if your camera is out of warranty so you can open it and fix the problem easily.. I open my camera and check it before sending it to the service..The problem in yours is a simple botton fault..

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