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btdean Jul 7, 2004 5:12 PM

Wow does this camera look great!! I was origianally looking at the Exilim-Z40, but boy does this really wet my lips. Does anyone know when this will be put on the market, or any sort of pricing on the camera. I've been searching all over and havent' found a single bit of info except the specs.

steve Jul 7, 2004 5:17 PM

Unfortunately Minolta never gives us the prices with their press releases. I think these new cameras are about a month out from shipping, more info when we get it.

btdean Jul 7, 2004 5:21 PM

Thanks alot steve, at least I can stop looking around now for that info. :)

shutterbuggy Jul 8, 2004 3:57 AM

Cramping 5 MP in such sleek a cam without tendency for blooming, vignetting and noise - that would be a feat!

But I'm still waiting for the X31 to be reviewed. Seems to be available right now - let's wait and see ... :D

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