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candz39 Dec 13, 2002 2:12 PM

DiMAGE Xi vs F100
Hi everyone,
Please provide suggestion on which camera is better: Xi or F100 with regards to picture quality.
I'm having difficulty in choosing between the two.
I read all the reviews I could find about the 2 cameras but no one has yet to compare the two.
Thanks for your time,

markiemark Dec 30, 2002 5:30 AM

These are really very different cameras. I only own the f100, but comparing it to the xi on paper brings some obvious points:

4mp versus 3mp gives you more pixels so bigger prints

The lens on the f100 gives sharp images right into the corners, where the original x suffered from soft edges

The f100 provides greater manual control - If you're more than a happy snapper you'll find this very useful!

The F100 is very compact, but still much bigger than the xi

As I say, they're very different beasts, and I would suggest your final choice may come down to whether or not having full manual control (including long exposures) matters to you, and whether you're hoping to print up to 8x10".

Check out my sample pix from the f100 at

and good luck!

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