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Default Dimage XT LCD screen problem

I just bought my Dimage XT and love how tiny it is. I specifically got it so I could slip it in my pocket. I recently did this (with nothing else in my pocket) and it now appears that some of the anti-glare coating has come off the screen. A couple of spots are really shinny now & very difficult to see in outdoor light. I didn't abuse the camera... what gives?

Does anyone know of something I can treat the screen with to make the shinny spots go away? Is this a common problem? I thought about getting plastic screen protectors, but am worried they won't make the screen look any better & will just peel off. Please help!! Thanks...
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Default Re: Dimage XT LCD screen problem

You might have the problem I've experienced; I've posted about here, before. In my case, the little plastic tab on the hand strap was the culprit. I think it's a design flaw - if you have the camera in a confined space - like your pocket - the hand strap will drift in only one direction - over the back of the camera, and the plastic tab on the strap will position itself right over the LCD. The result, over time, is a damagegd, shiny surface where the tab rubs against the screen.

I my case, I complained to Minolta Digital, suggested they work on changing the hand strap design for no X models, and of course I added I really like my Minolta cameras.

Minolta Digital sent me repair forms and last week I shipped off the camera for repair. If and when it comes back, I'll let you know the outcome. For now, I've stopped using the Minolta supplied hand strap.

Good luck,

Dave Wyman
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Default XT Screen probs

Hi There,

Have just removed my strap lol, I could see what you meant!! Great camera, I also have Sony Dsc s75, 3 years old and back screen is almost unviewable from scratches. Why dont they cover these these screens with a little door??? XT is great camera however...excellent pixc quality and I am very dicriminating!

My LCD out of the box had a tiny bright green dot on left side that does not seem to be part of any readout info. Defect? However it does not appear on photos.
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