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Default Dimage XT Newbie Questions, maybe potential flaws?


i just bought a Dimage XT, i have a few questions cos it is not working so well for me as in blurrness and the camera is sensitive when i shake or dun shake.

When i zoom, i hear a fairly loud noise when the optics are moving inside the camera, is this normal?

And when i choose no flash or non auto flash, 90% of my pics are blur and the camera does'nt focus properly, it keeps showing me the (hand shaking icon) which means i am shaking too much but i am not even moving, the only sharp pics i get is when i use Auto flash, is this normal and how do i get around it?

I would like to take night pics without flash sometimes when there is a nice christmas lights and i want to take the whole scenery.

Pls help as i like this camera alot, thanks.
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That hand icon you see is a warning that the shutter speed is too slow for hand holding. Not that the camera is actually shaking. Use a tripod or flash for these situations. Remember these shutter speeds are in the fractions of a second so it dose'nt take much camera movement to blurr a picture.

Here is a general rule of thumb for hand holding a camera and preventing blurred pics due to too slow a shutter speed: Don't use a shutter speed slower than the focal length of the lens you are using. another words if the focal length of the zoom lens is set at 100mm try to use a shutter speed no less than 125th of a second, it it is 50mm then use a shutter speed no less than 1/60 of a second, etc,etc. As far as low light focusing is concerned I am not familiar with your camera, but I can tell you I just gave away a minolta dimage 5 because of focusing issues and bought another brand. I'm not here on this forum to bash minolta, however.......

Use a TRIPOD for night shots
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