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brasi2003 Aug 30, 2003 3:02 PM

dimage xt: what is the max.rec.time with sd 256mb&512mbc
I wouild like to verify the maximum recording time on the dimage xt with a 256/512mb card. As an interviewer i need a device that allows me to record at least 20 min of video with audio. N ow I found the following recording specification for the dimage xt with a 16 mb card:

Movie: 41 seconds with 320x240 images
2 minutes 30 seconds with 160x120 images

my question is:

* if I buy a 512 sd memory card can i then record 32 * 41 sec with 320x240 images and 32 * 2 min 30 sec with 160x120 images? and is the movie recording continious, i.e no lmax rec.limit per movie clip?

* how is the quality of the lower pixel movie mode? for presentation purposes would it be adequate?

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions, would save me a lot time researching on the web and going from photoshop to photoshop!!!

aschweig Aug 30, 2003 9:45 PM

I don't have such a large memory card so I cannot directly answer your question -- but the manual does mention that battery life may put an upper limit on recording for audio (so I am guessing that's the case for video too.). There is an optional adaptor that can get around the battery-life limitation.


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