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trueno92 Jul 12, 2004 4:36 PM

HI all,

Great resource steve has put together here and it has greatly influenced my digicam purchase into buying a DiMage Z1.

WIth using it, the pics are great and everything seems to be in order. Only one thing sorta bothers me is the ZOOM LENS noise. How loud is supposed yo be considered 'NORMAL'? the one i have makes a good verring noise as i zoom, and it also has this sorta steppy feel to it, and it isn't as SMOOTH as say a canon elph series camera. also, when the zoom is at full extend or full retract (not to be confused with power on and off) there is a light plasticy sorta stepping sound..

Does anyone else experience these noises? The camera totally operates fine. When the unit powers on or off, the physical barrel retracts and extends completely smoothly.. its only when the camera is on, and i am zooming in on objects does it make these light noises.

thanks much!


ignavia Jul 13, 2004 12:16 AM

Yes, it's well-known that you can hear the zoom motor in movies. You can also sometimes hear the autofocus mechanisms. If it bothers you and you can't edit it out, disable the optical zoom. You'll still be able to zoom digitally.

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