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eagle69 Mar 27, 2005 6:21 PM

I have a DiMage Z2 (4.0M). No matter how I set up the Quality to "Fine"/"Standerd"/"Econ", it always comes out in 72dpi format. Is it designed or Am I missing something there? Is it possible to get higher (1.e. 300dpi) resolution?

Thanks in advance,


Baz Mar 27, 2005 8:57 PM

Dont worry Eagle. The resolution is the megapixels you select in the camera. The quality is the compression (like fine etc) you select in the camera. These will remain the same for that image. The DPI you see is a variable, that can be changed in Photo editing, or printing applications to determine the screen size or print size. AFAIK the resolution & quality remain as the camera selections.

You should find that if you print your 4mp images, the DPI will be 200/300DPI or more depending on the size of the print.

eagle69 Mar 28, 2005 7:26 PM

Baz, thanks for your reply. My cocern is if I use Photo Editing software to pull it up, say from 72dpi to 300dpi, would the quality of the image drop or sacrifice? I can't tell from the screen. As you know.foroffset printing, better use images at 300dpi.

Baz Mar 28, 2005 11:29 PM

Sorry Eagle, did I not make it clear? The dots per inch is not really a 'resolution'. It is a variable setting that determines the print size where 'inches' are involved. Pulling it up to 300, as you say in software, will not alter the camera image quality or pixel resolution, but if printed with that software, the print will be smaller. You wont of course notice these changes on the screen, as dpi, or more correctly the ppi, is determined by your monitor settings (usually 72)

In other words, messing with the dpi setting will not alter the resolution/quality of your camera image. You are stuck with the camera settings you used when the pic was taken. But it does have an effect on print sizes & quality. This is good reason to always select high megapixel & best quality in the camera.

For example, your camera 4mp images are likey to be about 2400 pixels wide. If you choose to print that image 10" wide, the dpi will be 240. Or for an 8" wide print, it will be 300dpi. Both of those are good, but you'll see that as you increase the print size, the dpi reduces.

I am open for correction but thats as I see it.
I hope that helps Eagle.

eagle69 Mar 29, 2005 9:02 PM

Well Explained! Crystal Clear! Thanks!

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