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Hi fellows. I have a question in mind and I think it might seem a bit silly but I'll be gladful if you spare your time for this though. So this isit: I have a dimage Z2 and as you know it can be used with a "ZWC-100 w wide-angle Lens Converter and adapter ring". And what I wonder is whether it is possible to reverse connect a 50 mm. SLR objective by using the adapter ring and a filter ring in order to get a close up lens. Is there anyone who has tried it before and if so is was the result satisfying? I mean is it worth the try because I don't have the adapter ring and I'll intend to buy it only for this kindo use. I should also note that I tried putting a reverse objective in front of the Z2 in telephoto mode and I really got some huge close up resulsts but there was too much vignette and it was extremely hard to get a clean focus because of the movement. But I thought it might bebecause of the low quality lens I have used and the constant movement of the unmounted objective. So what' your opinions.
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Hi Raven,

I didn't try the technique, but it's a great idea, think it should be possible. I've seen macrolenses for this camera at raynox.com that are also screwed on a converter. Hope to see someone giving it a try!


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Hi Peter. Thanx for the reply and the tip 'reynox.com'. I'll keep on searching. If I can make a succesfull try I'll inform you buddy.
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