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I just purchased this camera and most probably should have done a bit more research, as is usually the case in these after the fact scenarios!

I have been using an Olympus C-3000 Zoom for about 3 years and have had so-so results doing what I do with the camera 75% of the time, shooting sports indoors, primarily basketball in Gymnasiums.

I was attracted to the Z3 because of the large zoom and image stabilization. What I have encountered in my limited use of the camera are pictures that are essentially unuseable in that they are dark and VERY blurred. After doing some digging, I find that low light performance with the Z3 is pretty much a weak point. My limited use of the camera would leads me to agree with that assesment.

I totally understand that what I have purchased is essentially a point and shoot camera and I am using it in conditions that are tough ... action shots from 50 feet away in low light situations. My Olympus by comparison handles this chore much much better. If I take 150 shots in a game with the Olympus, I typically have 50 - 60 keepers, compared to no keepers with the Z3

So, understanding that I am a picture taker and not a photographer who has a very basic understanding of ISO settings, shutter speeds etc I could really use some advice to use as a starting point.

I do know that what I am doing is really tough because action shots require fast shutter speeds and low light requires longer shutter speeds so I am doing something that causes a conflict.

So, all that being said. I would be indebted if someone could walk me through some settings to try and see if I can get some useable shots with the Z3, such as ISO settings, + or - EV settings, what setting to set the camera on when I (a-p-s or m) understanding that I do use the zoom and an looking for decent action shots in low light. Overall, how to set this thing up to get the most out of it in these conditions.

I understand that the answer very well may be that this is definately not the camera for those conditions and I can accept that too but would like to try!

Thanks a ton and I am very much looking for some advice and help.
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First of all the Z3 is far from a point and shoot. The more you zoom the more light you are going to need...period. If you cannot use the flash it will be tough for any digital camera (non-slr) to take great action pictures at 12x zoom in a dark gym. Have you tried using a tripod?
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