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markos Jun 17, 2002 7:29 PM

Dimage7 spot meter
Can someone explain how to work spot metering... I know how to turn it on. Thank you.

JimHunt Jun 17, 2002 11:14 PM

I'll try, but with such a vague question, it's hard to know if I'm addressing what you really want.

Spot metering sets the exposure based on whatever is in the circle. So, if you want the photo to be exposed properly for, say, a face in shadow, you center the spot metering circle on the face and press the shutter button halfway to set the exposure. The camera will also focus on this point. While continuing to hold the shutter release button down, reframe your shot (if you don't want the face in the center) and finish pressing the button to take the picture. The face should be perfectly exposed. Other areas of the photo may be blown out or too dark.

If you don't want the chosen spot to be the point of focus, you can either use manual focus, or that magical AF/AE Lock button. Set it fo AE hold or AE toggle. Set the spot exposure by pushing the AF/AEL button. Then frame your photo and take the picture by pressing the shutter release button.

Another variation on this is to use the flex focus point in combination with spot metering.

Personally, I find that center-weighted metering works best for me.

What a wonderfully flexible camera!

Hope this helped.


NHL Jun 18, 2002 8:30 AM

Spot metering is used to emphasize the highlight/shadow on a high-contrast subject. Normally several readings are taken with the spot to determine the lighting range. A single wrong exposure spot lock could results in under/over exposure if the spot was positioned at the extremes.

Personally I prefer to use Jim's suggestion of using the flex-focus. It's much faster to switch in and out of spot this way (ie press & hold the directional Pad!) with no fumbling of dials and knobs to remember (or use the memory setting). It's not actually a spot meter, but seem to average an area centered around the cross hair and works quite well...since that where the center of attention is when one move this cursor around the viewfinder...

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markos Jun 19, 2002 8:36 PM

thank you
The above information was very helpful

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