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Default DIVU Software???????

I am looking at purchasing either the Minolta F100 or the Minolta S404. I am a little confused about the DIVU software. I have an Epson 785EPX inkjet printer and a Sony DPPSV77 dye-sub printer which are both equipped with card readers. I would like to print directly from the memory media. Can I do this with a Minolta digicam or do I first have to go through the DIVU software? HELP!
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Default Most misunderstood...

The color space mapping affects PC monitors only! (mapped to sRGB). MAC monitors may have a different (in fact do) colorspace, as well as between different printers... ie this only affects color rendition when viewed on a monitor (PC only). In fact if you map the camera output to AdobeRGB the wider colorspace is preserved as well for photoshop instead of sRGB!

You can print straight out from the flash cards if the printers support them. Actually with the Epson it even has Print Image Matching (PIM) so that's even better! (however I don't think you can print @ the highest resolution on the Epson directly from the cards).

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I find one of the benefits of using the DIVU software or other software such as photoshop is that it allows levels and colour balance to be optimised prior to printing.
I would have thought that the photographs could be processed through the software then saved back to the CF card (use a card reader) then printed directly from card to printer. However what would be the point of saving it back to CF if you could just print from the computer.
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If you want to have the photos look the best on your computer monitor, then use DIVU (or PhotoShop, etc.) to convert the shots to sRGB. However, if your printer prints best with another profile (e.g., AdobeRGB), then you need to convert to that profile for the prints.

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